Bridal Makeup

Sort your unique bridal beauty look with GharPar

So here is a thing! Being a bride is one tough thing. How? Well, there are so many things that need to be handled by one single person within a short span of time. With lots of running emotions, there is a plethora of important things such as makeup, dresses and jewellery that need to be sorted out way before the main day. Finding a dress designer for your bridal dress and a bridal makeup artist for a bridal makeover are probably the most time-consuming and tiring jobs ever. So yes, most of the time, because of so much to do, brides end up being anxious, fussy and moody that in other times they aren’t.

Service Price
Bridal Makeup & Hairstyle (Dupatta & Jewellery Setting) Rs. 23,530
Mehndi/Mayun Makeup + Hair Styling Rs. 8,000

A Hassle-free Bridal Makeover with GharPar

But hey, you can always choose to avoid being a cranky bride. How do you ask? Well, simply by handing over all your bridal makeover worries to GharPar. You handle the dress and leave the makeup to us! GharPar is the most efficient and amazing bridal makeup home services that have ever existed. At GharPar, we believe, that no day is as important as the bride’s wedding day so she has to look perfect as a bride no matter what. Our team has one mission and that is to wipe away all your worries and give you one of the best bridal makeup services that have ever existed.

Treat Yourself with the Most Homely Bridal Makeup Home Service

GharPar has the most well-trained makeup artists that will create magic on your face on your big day. Our bridal makeup at home will leave everyone spellbound. The most amazing thing is that you don’t even have to step outside your house to get yourself look pretty. Our army of technicians will come over to your place to work their magic on the bride. You will be free to choose the kind of bridal ubtan and bridal makeover you want for your big day. The dark shimmery eyes, or halo eyes, choose the ones that you feel comfortable with. For the hairstyle, the beautician will help you decide the one which will look good with your makeup, your face cut and your dress. You can obviously feel free to suggest your preference. The party makeup artists at GharPar practice active listening. The beauticians will also help with the dupatta and jewellery setting process which is so crucial and need to be handled with care. Choose GharPar for a bridal makeup experience that will leave everyone spellbound.

Experience the Best Bridal Makeup Services: Say Goodbye to Ordinary Looks!

GharPar brides are dream brides and there is no exaggeration in that. We believe in fulfilling all your bridal dreams with a head turning bridal makeover through a service that is highly comforting and homely. From natural and subtle to bold and glamorous, we can create the perfect bridal makeup look that reflects the bride’s individuality and vision for her wedding day. Choose GharPar for good memories and delightful experience. GharPar brides are our favourite and we make sure that they become everyone’s too.