Bronzer: A Beginner’s Guide to Achieving a Sun-Kissed Glow

Bronzers have been gaining popularity for their ability to enhance the face’s natural glow. They have become a must-have product for every makeup enthusiast so they can also give themselves a natural sun-kissed look.

Instead of sitting under the sun for hours with your tan cream in hand, create a natural-looking tan easily in just a few seconds with a bronzer. This blog post explores the benefits of using bronzer in your beauty routine.

Read ahead to find bronzer tips for a sun-kissed look.

What Is Bronzer?

Bronzer is a makeup product that is applied onto the skin to create a sunkissed and tanned look. Bronzer is meant to add a light warmth to the skin which is why people buy a bronzer two shades darker than their actual skin tone.

If done right, this product can add a subtle glow to your skin. It’s used by celebrities and makeup enthusiasts all around the world because of its ability to create a sun-kissed glow, enhancing the natural look of the face.

Where Is Bronzer Used?

Unlike other makeup products, bronzer isn’t made to cover your entire face or you will end up looking like an orange-bronzed person who’s had a bad fake tan. The key to applying bronzer is to focus on those areas of your face where the sunlight hits your face.

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These areas include cheeks, hairline, and temple. Some people even apply bronzer to their jawline to create a more defined and sculpted look.

How To Apply Bronzer – Step By Step


Bronzer is meant to give your cheeks a beautiful flushed and sun-kissed natural glow. Now don’t go applying the bronzer all over your cheeks because that can ruin your whole makeup look. The key is to focus on the apple of your cheek and blend gently to your cheekbone.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to apply bronzer to your cheeks:

  • Take your big fluffy brush and gently swirl it into your bronzer palette of choice. Then lightly tap off any excess.
  • Gently dab and run a line of bronzer from your ear (near your cheekbone) to the apple of your cheek.
  • Make sure to blend the bronzer using a circling motion with the brush.
  • Avoid brushing back and back because this won’t create an airbrushed and natural look.

Temples and Hairline

Finish off the sunkissed look by applying the bronzer to your temples and hairline so it can create the same sun-kissed glowing look as your cheeks to finish the natural look. Follow these steps to finish the look:

  • Dap the brush in your bronzer again and tap off any excess.
  • Now apply the bronzer on your hairline by moving your hand in a circular motion. Do this while gliding it from one temple to the other.
  • Make sure to apply a light layer of bronzer as compared to your cheeks.

How to Find the Right Bronzer For Yourself

Bronzers are designed to give a natural glowing finish to the face and this is why it’s important to invest in the right bronzer for our skin tone. You need to make sure that the bronzer you use is closely matching with your natural skin tone.

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To do that, you first need to understand what colour would suit your skin tone. Here are some tips to understand what type of bronzer would suit your skin tone so you can find the perfect bronzer fit:

  • Fair skin: People with fair and light skin tones should look for rosy and peach-coloured bronzers.
  • Olive or tan skin: People with olive or naturally tanned skin can try almost all colours of bronzers because they can work for them. Opt for golden brown or copper shades to highlight your natural skin shade even more.
  • Dark skin: Dark skin can rock warm-toned bronzers, therefore look for brown, caramel, and orange-brown bronzer shades.

Note: Always make sure to get a shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone for the best results.

Bronzer Tips You Need to Know

  • Make sure to choose the right makeup brush because using the right brush will make a big difference when applying bronzer. A soft and big fluffy brush can give off a more evened-out and natural result.
  • Don’t overdo it, bronzer should be applied very lightly since it’s a shade darker than your skin tone. Overdoing it can create a thick and streaky look instead of a subtle sunkissed glow.
  • Blending correctly is crucial when applying bronzer. Therefore, blend using circular motions and make sure the product doesn’t look too patchy.

Bronzer vs Contour and Blush

People often confuse bronzer with contour powder and blush. This is a misconception because bronzer is not meant for contouring or blush. Bronzer is a separate makeup product of its own and you should never apply it the same way you apply a blush or contour.

Bronzer is designed to enhance the face by giving a warm glow making it look naturally sun-kissed. Whereas contouring is done to create a defined, smaller and sculpted face. Contour powders are not shimmery like bronzer as they are meant to create shadows around the face.

Blush on the other hand is a completely different makeup product used primarily to give a flushed and blushy look to the face. These come in shades like reds, pinks, oranges, and many more.


Who doesn’t want to look like a glowing goddess who’s glowing like a diamond? Bronzer makes it easier for everyone to achieve the most natural sun-kissed look they can get.

Bronzers come in a variety of different shades and textures, get your best-suited one and flaunt the natural glowing face every day. Just follow the above bronzer pointers and you’ll be a bronzing queen in no time.

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