Mood Matching: Choosing the Right Nail Polish for Your Mood

Do you feel excited and happy today? Or suddenly the Monday blues have hit you hard, and you can’t beat them regardless of all the effort you might be putting in?

Well, moods come and go. But all you need to do is to learn the art of handling them well.

How about you match them with your nail polish colour to feel better? It does sound bizarre but picking the right nail polish colour for your moody state can definitely make you great about yourself.

This article discusses what colour on your nails complements the state of mood you may be in.

Let’s dig in!

Picking the Right Nail Polish Color for Your Mood

Here is the most awaited list. We hope you will love it!

  1. Bright Pink for a Playful Mood

Suppose you wake up feeling young. You are in a playful mood and feel flirtatious with your partner.

You can’t help being happy on the day, and excited for what life has in store for you.

If that’s what you feel today or any other day, don’t forget to wear pink nail polish.

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A bright pink colour nail polish not only makes your hands look pretty but also makes you look young.

In fact, the nail colour goes with all the dresses you may feel like wearing on the day to make you look young.

If you want to go overboard, paint your nails with a bright pink base colour and top them with a glittery polish.

This is a perfect recipe to grab the attention of others towards your nails and get all the amazing compliments you Amy want to hear.

Are you up for this idea? Just make sure to apply your nail polish smoothly so there aren’t any annoying and uneven bumps.

  1. Dark, Black Nail Paint for Your Rebellious Mood

Have you planned to meet an ex this weekend? Or are you just feeling angry at work and can’t wait to dominate the world with your skills?

In either case, wear black nail paint that speaks out your deep emotions. People with black paint are often up to something big.

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Alternatively, it is also worn by some who might want to look sophisticated. A black nail paint looks great with a white dress or even a suit.

In rare events when you are in a mysterious mood, black nails may complement your emotions here too. You can coat them with glitter to enhance their overall appearance.

  1. Romantic and Dreamy Mood Matches With a Lavender Nail Polish

Lavender is a girly, breathtaking and light colour, perfect for putting on your nails on a summer getaway.

Besides, lavender anil paint can also be worn on a day when you are feeling all romantic and dreamy.

This colour stands out regardless of the hues you pick. You can pair the lavender nail paint with peaches and yellows to elevate your nail art and also give yourself a much-needed nail uplift.

  1. Feeling Classic? Get a White Nail Polish

Hey, do you have a seminar to attend or are you planning to go to an afternoon wedding? You may be in a classic mood and wearing dresses that may reflect your perfect personality.

But what about your nail paint? For a classic mood, I would suggest to wear nothing but a white nail paint.

A simple, nude white coloured nail polish is a perfect match to your mood in this scenario.

Just make sure that before you put the nail colour, get yourself a world-class French manicure. This way your nails will stand out more than you may have imagined.

  1. Pick Yellow for a Hopeful Mood

If you are hopeful about your future today, I think wear nothing on your nails except for bright yellow nail paint. The colour is enough to represent your mood and can also help to brighten up your look further.

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You can experiment with your nail paint in many ways. Cover the nails with a yellow base followed by topping them with glitter.

Or if you are in the mood to get artsy, use yellow nail paint to make a sunflower or sun on your nails. This will demand time and work but the results would be great.

  1. Red for a Passionate Feeling

Whether you are feeling passionate about your goals today or have a fire for something igniting your heart, don’t let the mood go away without complementing it with the perfect nail paint.

In such a case, I suggest wearing a red nail polish so your nails reflect your intensity.

You can also wear red nail paint if you are feeling artistic, and can’t wait for the world to see your work. The colour represents a strong ambition that you may have in your heart.

  1. Pastels for Your Gentle Mood

How do you feel on a slow day after hustling for a week? Definitely gentle, calm and great!

In that case, polish your nails with pastel nail paints. Light peaches, blues, yellows and pinks will look great on your beautiful hands and will also amplify your peaceful mood.

If you are in the mood for being soft-spoken for the day, accommodating everyone that crosses your path, wear delicate and light colours over bright nail paints.

They give out a welcoming vibe. Plus, pastel nail paint is also a perfect choice for a summer picnic getaway with friends.


Matching your mood with your nail colour might be the last thing on your mind. But now you know how important it is if you want to look great while feeling just the way you want.

Did you like the list above and are you ready to try the colours as mentioned to complement your respective moods? If yes, let us know in the comments below.

Also, share what other colours make a perfect match for your moody behaviour. We are waiting here for your great response.

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