DIY Natural Hair Dyes: Vibrant Colors Without the Chemicals

The greys in the hair are a natural sign of growing up. Many people would still resort to covering it up using hair dyes. Did you know that there is no need to rely on harsh chemicals to get rid of the greys? Yes, you can simply dye hair using natural DIY ways.

Some of these products are present right in your kitchen. All you need to do is mix the ingredients and leave it on your hair for a natural coloured effect.

Also, natural ingredients are beneficial to your hair making them smoother and stronger in the process. So what are these DIY natural hair dyes? Let’s know below!


One of the age-old methods to dye hair is using henna. This natural red dye comes from the plant Lawsonia alba and has been in popular use for dyeing hair red or making temporary tattoos on the skin.

While you may expect your hair to be dyed a shade of brown-red by using henna, there is a spectrum of colours in the powder. This means you can dye your hair colours such as chestnut, blue-black or deep red.

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All you need to do is mix half a cup of powdered henna with a quarter cup of water. Leave it for 12 hours. Wash your hair and apply the henna mixture to the damp hair, covering all of it. Let it sit for 2 to 6 hours and then wash it off.


Another household item with a strong colour is coffee. Besides giving a caffeine boost, it can also temporarily dye your hair a shade or two darker. It is one of the quick fixes to cover up the greys when you have no other option.

Mix half a cup of coffee with a cup of hair conditioner and around 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds. Let the mixture cool down and leave it on your damp hair for an hour before washing.

It is imperative to remember that this is just a temporary fix so at best it will last you a day. Also, it may not work on very dark hair.

Black Tea

In the same category of hot beverages, black tea is another temporary fix for the greys. It is a plant-based dye extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant.

The tea leaves have a natural dark brown colour when dried. Get some ground black tea leaves. Mix a teaspoon with a cup of water. Keep boiling it till it remains up to ⅔ rd.

Let the mixture cool and then apply it to your hair. Cover your hair for about 2 hours and then rinse the hair. The dark colour from the black tea will last on your hair till the next wash.

Walnut Shells

Black walnut shells have hulls with pigments such as tannin and juglone that give it a dark brown colour while also having enough staining power to last a little while on your hair.

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Make a powder from the hulls by crushing the walnut shells. On the side, boil about 3 cups of water. Add 4 to 5 tablespoons of walnut powder from the shells once it is off the heat. Let it steep overnight. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for an hour before rinsing.

This will give hair a dark brown colour. If you want it to last longer, repeat the process whenever you start seeing the greys again.

Lemon Juice

An unconventional way to look at dyeing hair is by applying lemon juice to strip hair of the pigment slowly but permanently.

Spraying lemon juice on your hair, especially under sunlight will result in natural highlights. Since it is permanent, if you ever want to change the colour, that will be hard. You will only have to cut off the hair or allow it to grow naturally to get rid of the lighter pigment.

For the highlights effect, add some lemon juice in a spray bottle and use that to spray it on your hair. In order to spread the juice evenly throughout the hair, comb it and then sit in the sun to expose it to sunlight.

Keep the juice on your head for an hour and then rinse it off. This will result in naturally light locks without having to bleach the hair.


It is harder to darken already dark hair but a few natural products like Sage can help with that. Sage can cover grey hair while also deepening the shades of brunette hair.

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Steep a cup of dried sage in water for 30 minutes. The colour will get darker the longer you steep. Strain it out and let the coloured water cool down. Dampen your hair and pour this mixture on your wet hair.

Let it sit for at least 15 minutes and then rinse it off. You can also add vinegar to the mix so that it stays longer on your hair. Sage comparatively lasts longer than coffee or black tea. The dye can stay put for three to four washes.

Carrot and Beet Juice

These two vegetables in your pantry are a quick solution to get red hair. However, the kind of red would differ.

Carrots give hair a reddish-orange tint and beetroot will give a deeper red with a cooler undertone.

Mix the carrot juice or the beet juice with carrier oil i.e. usually coconut oil or olive oil, Apply the mixture generously to your hair and let it sit for an hour. Rinse the beet juice with plain water while using apple cider vinegar for carrot juice.

If the colour is not as strong as you desire, repeat the process tomorrow. This will give a cooler natural hair colour than your usual dyeing methods.


These several ways to switch out harmful chemicals with DIY natural hair dyes will protect your hair in the long term. What’s best, they are all already present in your home and within your budget. Covering up those greys will never get easier than this.

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