Hair Rebonding Side Effects & Precautions

Here’s everything you need to know about hair rebonding.

Nothing defines your personality perfectly than your beautiful hair. However, if you want to experience a temporary change in your looks, changing your hair is the best you can do.

You must have looked through magazines or watched movies with women portraying their thick and straight hair. Without a doubt, the beauty of hair lies in its thickness, shine and length. But it is not always easy to achieve naturally.

Not everyone is born with a gene of thick hair and hence it is always wise for them to search for artificial methods to make their hair dreams come true. If you are someone who aims to achieve thick and straight hair all day long, hair bonding is your way to go.

But what is it and does it have any drawbacks? Read further to find out.

Hair Rebonding In Detail

For those unaware, hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that results in silky straight hair without you using a straightener every day. This procedure changes the structure of your hair and rebonds each strand with another to produce sleeker-looking hair.

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In contrast to keratin, this chemical treatment uses relaxants to change the original bonds into new ones and convert even the curly mist hair into silky strands.

Why is Rebonding better than all?

The best thing about this hair procedure is that it can make any type of hair smooth and silky. This is quite rare when it comes to treatments like keratin.

Moreover, the results of this technique are as long-lasting as even a year. You don’t have to spend money on your hair maintenance after every six months.

Since after rebonding, the hair produced is dead straight, you are free from putting effort into maintaining or carrying them. Such smooth hair is easy to flaunt and set.

How does rebonding work?

Coming to the main point, how does an amazing procedure work? Before you plan a day for a hair rebonding procedure, make sure you have no other tasks to do. This is a long treatment and may take all your energy and time.

Here’s what happens when you visit a beauty salon for rebonding:

  • Your stylist will shampoo and condition your hair.
  • After drying them completely, he/she will apply a layer of a relaxant on your strands.
  • This application helps to break the bonds of your hair. Stay patient as this chemical will have to stay on your hair for 30 min at least.
  • Once done, the stylist will wash your hair again.
  • A layer of keratin lotion is then applied to your hair to remove any unwanted frizz.
  • After this, a neutralizer is applied to strengthen the new hair bonds in your hair.
  • It is applied for another 45 mins before your hair is washed and dried again.
  • The last step is the application of hair serum and the use of flat iron to straighten your hair.

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Hair bonding can last for 12 months but needs to be taken care of. Like with all other chemical treatments, you must use good quality shampoos and conditions to maintain the straightened texture of your hair.

Moreover, if your hair grows (which it will), a trim or tiny touch-ups will help to maintain the look of your hair.

Straightening Hair Side Effects

Hair rebonding doesn’t have any side effects, however, since it involves the use of chemicals, you may experience dry and flaky skin for some time. You may also go through a hair fall in the first few months. But it will reduce after that.

When it comes to taking precautions, be alert and test the chemicals on your skin first. This is an important precautionary measure for people with sensitive skin

Also, have a conversation with your stylist before investing your time and money in this treatment. Every person responds differently to hair treatment, so make sure your expectations are similar to the results produced.

How to take care of your hair after a rebonding session?

After a long day of hair rebonding at a salon, you will be left with no energy to do anything else. However, make sure you look after your hair at least three days after the treatment.

Don’t wash your hair and keep your hair straight even if you lie down on your bed. Chemicals take time to settle so let them seep into your hair properly.

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Moreover, avoid oiling or putting on a hair mask. Also, don’t use hair clips or hair ponies for at least three days.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how hair rebonding works, don’t hesitate to give it a shot. If you crave silky straight hair, book a salon appointment and let all your hair dreams come true.

However, make sure you visit your stylist a week before the big day to discuss any doubts you have regarding this treatment.

Cheers to your new hair.

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