10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine for Busy Individuals

Are you a busy individual struggling to keep yourself beautiful due to a tough routine? Well, don’t worry! There are many people with the same complaint as yours.

However, a busy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you should keep yourself deprived of a great-looking face.

Thankfully, there is a healthy and easy 10-minute morning beauty routine available to get you your desired look quickly.

Do you want to know about it? Dive in to unveil it.

Clear Your Doubts About This Basic Skin Care Routine

Let’s first get all your doubts cleared. You might be questioning the effectiveness of this quick routine.

Does it even work, or is it just a silly idea?

Well, it does. This is because it combines all the essential beauty practices that your skin requires to look great.

Plus, all the practices are followed by expert beauticians around the world. So, they are tried and tested and hence, work wonders every time.

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So, instead of worrying, jump into the routine and see the magic it creates.

10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine for Everyone

Practice this step-by-step morning routine, and thank us later.

  1. Start With Using a Cleanser

Clean your face using a skin-friendly cleanser. Apply it gently on your face before anything else to remove last night’s accumulated stress, sweat, and grime. A cleanser application helps you attain smooth skin before you apply the rest of the products.

  1. Moisturize Well

If you need good skin, keep it moisturized. This means that your skin should be well-hydrated with the help of the best moisturizer available.

Don’t use too much of this product, as it can end up making your skin unnecessarily oily.

  1. Put On That Serum

A serum is necessary to give you your desired glow every morning. It deserves a place in your skincare stash, so make sure to keep it there.

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Apply a small amount of this product on your skin and rub gently. Let the skin soak it for a few seconds before you move on to apply the next product.

  1. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Never run away from using sunscreen. This is an essential product, and going out and about without it is a crime.

Yes, there we said it. Use it in a reasonable amount around your face, neck, and arms.

Also, keep it inside your bag so you can use it after every 2 hours for protection against the sun.

  1. Lip Balm is a Must

Your lips are a part of your face. They have to look as good and healthy as the rest of the parts.

Therefore, put a lip balm on them so they look and feel hydrated and soft.

Once you have successfully aced the skin care steps, move on to apply some makeup as a part of this quick morning beauty routine.

  1. Put on a Good Foundation

If you want to make sure that your skin looks perfect all day long, put on a foundation. The coverage depends on the existing condition of your skin. However, we would recommend a low-coverage base for daytime and a high-coverage foundation for nighttime.

  1. Conceal it All

Follow the above step by using a concealer. Use it to cover spots and blemishes.

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Make sure that you apply it on your T-bone and nose and cover the double chin. Make sure that your concealer blends well and doesn’t leave marks on your face.

  1. Put On Blush

Let those cheeks speak with a nice blush. Get a creamy one if you are opting for a blended look. Otherwise, a powdered blush in a dark shade won’t harm.

  1. Colour Those Eyes

We recommend putting a good eyeshadow on your eyes for a bit of drama. Use a natural shade with brown eyeliner for a more subtle look.

But if you want to go all out, a dark eyeshadow with black eyeliner and some mascara on the lashes would work perfectly.

  1. End With the Lips

Give your moisturized lips the colour they demand. After you have put on a balm, colour them with your favourite creamy lipstick.

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Choose a shade according to the rest of your look. You can put on either a bold or light colour. But make sure it perfectly complements the entire look.

Things to Avoid While Practicing This Beauty Routine

Here are a few things that you must avoid when following the routine.

  • Avoid spending too much time on putting your foundation. While it should be applied evenly, don’t use it in abundance and then find it challenging to apply it properly.
  • Only get high-quality products. Avoid using second-hand or cheap items for this beauty regimen. This rule is imperative to attain your desired results.
  • Don’t follow the routine without fixing your hair. Your hair is part of the entire look and must complement it perfectly.
  • Avoid rushing. This routine takes only ten minutes to follow. So, give yourself the same time to do it properly. A rush to finish it in eight or five minutes may disappoint you with the results.


Regardless of your routine, it is your right to keep your skin and face looking healthy and beautiful. So, if possible, spare ten minutes every day to follow the steps above and look beautiful before you head out.

This is not only good for your skin but also your confidence. Therefore, don’t hesitate; take the leap, put in some effort, and enjoy the results.

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