Nikkah Makeup

Feel like an ultimate Queen on your Nikkah Day!

Nikkah Day is one of the most precious days for every Muslim woman living in Pakistan. The little moments on the day are beyond beautiful. From signing the nikkah papers that change a woman’s life for good to the traditional rasams performed with the families and friends together. Everything seems like small pieces of a fairytale coming together.

Service Price
Engagement/Nikkah Makeup + Hair Styling Rs. 10,000
Bridal Makeup & Hairstyle (Dupatta & Jewellery Setting) Rs. 23,530

For a bride, it’s the most significant day. Her life is turned around a total of 180 degrees and such a life-turning event does require her to look her best. Isn’t it? A Nikkah bride should be everything what dreams are made up of. From her Nikkah Makeup to her Nikkah Jora, every single element should be perfect for her to feel confident about her life-changing event.

But who is to decide what jora and nikkah makeup will make everyone turn their heads when she will walk the aisle? GharPar is your solution for a dreamy nikkah makeup that will make you smile all day long.

Before signing The papers, call GharPar for a well- deserved Nikkah Makeup!

Nikkah Day can be a tough and busy day for the bride and as well as her family which means going out for makeup can be a total hassle. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a nikkah makeup done at all. You can avail makeup in the comfort of your house at affordable through GharPar. GharPar is a beauty service provider, that provides timely, convenient and affordable nikkah makeup services at home. You will just have to book an appointment and Tadaaaa! The most equipped and trained makeup artist will be at your doorstep, all ready to make your dreams come true.

Nikkah Makeup Services at Home! Does it get any better than this?

The makeup artists from GharPar are professional, hygienic and ensure that they carry sterilised tools and brushes to avoid any kind of allergies or infections. They value your opinion and listen to your needs about the kind of nikkah makeup you want to get done. Let them know if you want shimmery, shiny eyes or just gold and subtle. Talk about your hairstyle in detail. Your nikkah day should be about you only but do listen to anything they want to add or subtract from their experience. Enjoy this process by sitting in your own room, under the cool air-conditioning, dreaming about spreading your charm at the event.

Doesn’t this all sound so perfect? It feels perfect too. Try on your own! Visit the GharPar App, choose a service, book an appointment and witness the Magic!