Body Scrub for Women

Polish off your summer body with GharPar’s Best Exfoliating Body Scrub!

Did you know we lose around 50 million skin cells in a single day? That is a lot of dead cells! Your body, on its own, removes dead skin cells and replace them with fresh ones within a period of 24 hours. This replacement, however leaves dead skin that tends to linger which means a good body scrubbing is needed to eradicate the dullness caused by all the dead cells over your body. By body, we mean everything, the neck, hands, legs etc and not just the face only.

Nutty Almond ScrubRs. 1800
Ubtan ScrubRs. 1800
Coffee ScrubRs. 1800
60 min Scrub + 60 min MassageRs. 4200

Body scrub for women are like desserts. They are not meant to replace your regular body wash but you are missing yourself out from a major treat if you aren’t scrubbing that dead skin away. Good scrubs feel and smell like heaven and also simultaneously make your skin glow and feel smooth. Body scrubbing is such a soothing experience that there is no place better than home and no service better than GharPar to enjoy it. GharPar can bring you your personal body scrub spa in your home’s comfortable environment.

GharPar offers three kinds of body scrubs which are best exfoliating body scrubs ever and are perfect for any skin type.

Anti-Cellulite Mocha Scrub for a firmer skin

This scrub treatment uses the best body scrub for dry skin. This body scrub for women involves coffee grounds that helps treat cellulite which in simple terms means dimples in the skin that affects both men and women. Dimples are very hard to remove once they appear but the caffeine and antioxidants in the mocha scrub helps remove them and bring back the glowey neat skin.

The unprocessed Nutty Almond Scrub

This scrub is what home feels like. This is the best exfoliating body scrub and that too organic. Almonds and brown sugar are combined together to help remove the dullness from your skin and give you a rich, soothing skin texture. The best thing is that its completely chemical-free and long lasting!.

The Very traditional, Ubtan and Whitening Scrub

Ubtan has been a very famous and effective scrub for a long time. GharPar’s ubtan and whitening body scrub has modernised the traditional bridal ubtan which acts as one of the best body scrub for dry skin. The enriching properties of ubtan leave your skin soft and moist. GharPar’s beauticians are trained for professional scrubbing that makes this experience worth every penny.

Scrub your worries away!

There is nothing left to think about now. Place an appointment through GharPar app now. Digging into these luscious scrubs is a treat in itself but nothing compares to the glowing skin that you will have at the end of just a single scrubbing session.

Anti-Cellulite Mocha Scrub

Exfoliate those dimples! Treat your body like a temple with this firming treatment, guaranteed to leave your body looking sleek and smooth. The anti-oxidants in the scrub stimulates collagen production resulting in smoother firmer skin.

Nutty Almond Scrub

Our natural, organic and unprocessed almond scrub leaves the skin feeling luxuriously soft and silky. The finely ground almonds and brown sugar scrub will melt into your skin leaving you with a smooth, glowing skin. So effective, it even tames the rough skin on elbows and knees!

Ubtan & Whitening Scrub

Our natural, organic Ubtan body scrub leaves the skin feeling luxuriously soft and silky. The natural properties of Ubtan rejuvenate and acts as a natural whitening agent. So effective, it significantly reduces pigmentation and leaves your skin with a healthy and natural glow.