How I Transitioned From a Matte Girly to a Glossy Sis!

Do you find yourself rushing out the door with makeup-stained clothes, hoping no one notices? We’ve all been there! Picture it: foundation streaks and gloss marks, the eternal struggle of every makeup enthusiast. I, too, used to be in a constant battle with makeup disasters until I became a devoted Matte Girl. But then, the gloss trend returned, and I found myself torn between loving the look and dreading the smears. The fear of looking like a glossy mess haunted me.

However, determined not to let fear dictate my style, I delved into the world of lip gloss research. What I discovered was a revolution in lip gloss products, a far cry from the gooey messes of the past. Today, lip gloss can be your best friend, offering hydration and a touch of glam.

But where to begin? Let’s break it down:

Choose Your Gloss Wisely:

  • Make it Balmy! – there are these fantastic multi-functional lip balms that basically blur the line between makeup and skincare. They’ll have your lips feeling supple and looking fabulous! Brands like Dior Addict and NARS Afterglow Lip Balm know exactly how to make your lips pop!
  • Keep it Natural And if you’re into that subtle, natural glow, you’ve got to try the sheer glosses. They’re like a delicate kiss of radiance for your lips.
  • Glam it up! Oh, and for those special occasions when you need that extra oomph, the shimmer glosses are your go-to.

Look Younger by Applying the Right Lipstick

Mind the Texture:

  • You know, if you’re all about that intense, vibrant look, the liquid glosses are your best bet. They give you that lipstick-like boldness with a glossy twist.
  • But hey, if you’re more into that smooth, subtle elegance, the cream glosses are where it’s at. They’ll give you that refined, understated look that’s just so classy.
  • Want to play with your natural lip colour a bit? Try the sheer glosses, or even better, go for the tinted glosses for that perfect hint of colour. It’s like a little secret touch of fabulousness!

Look for the Right Ingredients:

  • SPF, SPF and SPF! Always, always look for those glosses with SPF protection. Your lips need that shielding from the sun, just like your skin does
  • Squalane – what I term the magic ingredient. It’s what keeps your lips smooth and kissable, even on the driest days. You definitely want that in your gloss!
  • Good old nature! Don’t forget about the natural stuff too! Think rosehip oil, castor oil, or jojoba oil. They’re like a feast for your lips, keeping them hydrated and happy without any nasty chemicals.

Now, for the ultimate lip gloss application that lasts:

  • Prep and Care: Exfoliate and keep your lips hydrated with regular lip balm application
  • Utilize a Lip Primer: Often overlooked but highly effective, a lip primer can work wonders for your lip gloss game
  • Lip Liner Magic: Prevent smearing by outlining your lips with a lip liner before applying the gloss
  • Matte First: Use a matte lipstick as a base before applying your lip gloss for a more long-lasting effect
  • Perfect Application Technique: Begin with the center of your bottom lip and then spread the gloss evenly. Press your lips together gently to distribute the gloss evenly
  • Opt for a Gloss-Only Look: Apply a light dusting of powder before the gloss to ensure it stays in place throughout the day.

How to Take Care of Your Lips Naturally

Since I’ve started using these techniques, there’s no more smeared gloss at the edges of my lips. Every time I apply gloss now, it’s smooth and lasts me a meal or two without me accidentally eating it all up! Try these tips and share your experiences in the comments below! What techniques have worked wonders for you? Let’s keep the lip gloss conversation going!

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