Why Winter is the Best Time to Get a Massage

Calm down and relax with a winter massage this season!

Winter is the season to get busy

Winter has finally arrived and the holidays plus the wedding season in Pakistan are about to get started. There is so much to do in this season, that you hardly get a break to relax. There is so much stress as winters are when family get together happen the most and there are so many sales happening now and then which you need to visit to prepare yourself for the wedding season. Between spending time with your family, facing the crowds at the mall and wrapping up the end-of-work rush, it’s difficult to keep the body warm and calm all the time.

Also, there is so much eating, especially the winter special dried fruit, and less exercise which leads to slowing down of your body’s mechanism. A slow body means that you are always cold, tired and sleepy in winter which you definitely can’t afford because who is then going to enjoy the cold and all the festivities that you have been praying for?

Treat yourself with a winter massage

So, you need a healthy body boost in winter and there is no better way to escape the cold other than a good, long and comfy winter massage with warm oil this winter. Not only will a massage let you take a break from the everyday stresses during the holiday season, but it will provide you with many other benefits as well. Winters are the best time for the massage.

Here’s a rundown on how massage can help you survive and enjoy this season.

Benefits of a winter massage

Makes your immune system strong and gives it a boost that’s much needed!

Winter brings lots of fever & flu galore with itself which, frankly saying, isn’t something we appreciate. To fight against all these flu and fever germs, a winter massage at least once a week in winter is a great idea and is the best time for a massage. A winter massage can help your body fight these winter bugs by boosting your immune system. This is through increasing the lymph flow which is loaded with lots of white blood cells, also known as the killer cells, which then go and fight infections around the body.

Winter Beauty Problems and Their Solutions

A winter massage works as a great therapy to de-stress

Winters are tiring when it comes to get-togethers, holidays, shopping and weddings. Also, there is so much extra stress that comes with weddings that include last minute shopping and taking care of guests. All such activities can be highly overwhelming and winters are the best time for massage as they are a great way to take a break from all the winter tasks and de-stress your body for a while.

Taking some time out for winter massage specials will help in boosting up your well-being and also reset the balance in your life by aiding the release of stress. A massage break will also help to make you sleep soundly and give you more energy which you need during the busy winter months.

Fight the Winter Blues

The majority of people suffer from winter blues or SAD, in winter. These two disorders urge them to hibernate until the winter months are over. But moving out of the house and relaxing on a massage table, can help aid depression and is great to increase energy levels which otherwise are pretty low in winter.

Take Care of Your Health During Pregnancy

Moreover, Pregnancy massage also helps encourages positive changes in the endocrine system where hormones are created. These changes decrease stress related hormones and increase happy hormones, oxytocin which leads to the release of serotonin and endorphins, enhancing your mood and reducing stress.

Improve Circulation

Have you ever noticed how your body aches more in winter than in summer? That’s mostly because of poor circulation of blood in winter which is why your hands and feet are always chilly and sometimes even turn out blue due to lack of oxygen. Your circulation may need a little help and a regular massage can enhance blood flow and body warmth, which in turn increases the flow of oxygen around the body.

Beat that Dry Skin!

The humidity levels drop in winter and the cold, dry air makes your skin dry all the time. A winter massage is a great way to keep your skin hydrated at all times. The oils and lotions used in massage contain lots of vitamins to nourish & hydrate your skin, making you feel better on the inside & out!

Book a massage now and enjoy the rest of the winter with lots of energy

There is no way you can escape from all these wonderful benefits of a winter massage this season. Your body deserves all the calm and peace this winter, so don’t wait for any further and book a massage in Lahore immediately. Get that boost and energy you Need!

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