Beauty and the Stars: Zodiac Sign Makeup Compatibility

Have you ever thought about the possible compatibility between your zodiac sign and your favourite makeup? Well, it may sound absurd but makeup products and zodiac signs do have a match. You can choose a look based on your sign and enjoy the results it creates.

So, are you ready to know what may look great on you? Grab some popcorn before you read further.

Your Makeup Look According to Your Star Sign

Let’s start this interesting list.


Aries are known for their adventurous nature. They don’t shy away from speaking out and be bold about their thoughts.

As an Aries, you may want to flaunt a look that’s dramatic and bold. With dark eyes and lips, you can bring out your inner personality on your face and let people know your true self.

You can also put on a thick mascara to let your eyes say it all. And yes, don’t forget to put on a winged liner.

Finally, finish off your makeup look with a highlighter and shine through like a bright star.


Since Taurus is an earth sign, you would agree that it loves all things natural and subtle. So, when it comes to creating a compatible look, it all comes down to using as simple and few products as possible.

Lipstick Shades Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you are a Taurus, you may want to go for a no-makeup look. This means using a light foundation, concealer and a peachy lip shade for the main parts of your face.

For the eyes, opt for a brown liner and put on a creamy pink eyeshadow that blends well with your skin tone.

You can also put a nude blush and a light highlighter to emphasize your cheeks. But that’s it and you are good to go.


Geminis don’t shy away from going crazy. So, if that’s your star sign, don’t be afraid to experiment. Put on a fuchsia shade lipstick to let your lips define your thoughts.

You can also go for coloured liners and eyeshadow shades to let your eyes grab your attention.

Geminis like flaunting great hairdos, so you should too. Be bold and quirky and let the world appreciate your confidence.


Since Cancers are ruled by the moon, they love everything shimmery and silver. Therefore, a perfect look for this star would be silver eyes with an eyeshadow and a white liner.

You can also put on a lengthening mascara for some drama. Finally, use a tinted lip balm to end the look.


People with this sign are bold and fiery. They are confident and lean towards bronzy and gold shades.

If that’s exactly you, create a makeup look that brings out the best of your characteristics. You can put on a gold eyeshadow with a black eyeliner.

A perfect highlighter would be either in a bronze shade or shimmery gold.

Finally, apply a bold red or maroon lipstick to show your confident side.


Virgos prefer simplicity. Therefore, a makeup look for this star sign is all about subtle shades to create a girl-next-door image.

The look comprises a simple eyeshadow, probably in peach, brown eyeliner, pink lipstick, and a low-coverage foundation.

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You can choose to apply a good amount of concealer to hide any dark spots.

A perfect Virgo-inspired look ends with a subtle highlighter and some peach blush on the cheeks.


If you have this star sign, you would already know how Libras are often attracted to the colour pink. This is because this color is all about romantics and that’s what Libras are all about. They are loving, passionate and romantic.

To create a perfect look for the star sign, add some highlighter to your foundation and apply for a glowy base. Then apply some pink blush, eyeshadow, a tinted lipstick for a beautiful, rosy look.


Scorpions are mysterious, confident and bold. Hence, nothing works better than smokey eyes for this star sign.

Combine a dark eyeshadow with black kajal to create loud eyes. Then, use a wine-coloured lipstick to create a statement.

You can also apply a shimmery liquid highlighter on the face to grab all the attention.


Quirky is the best word that defines this star sign. So, if you are a Sagittarius, channel your inner adventurous human and play around with colours on your face.

A perfect look is one with an orange lip shade and a graphic design on the eyes with different eye shades. Balance out these colours with a matte base using a light foundation and concealer.


Go for a pinky look with this star sign. This is because Capricorns love this colour for its simplicity.

Put pink on the lips, cheeks and as an eyeshadow. You can also put on a matte foundation and some bronze highlighter to finish the look.


Aquarius are smart and love to try out new things. So when creating a look for this zodiac sign, let your imagination go wild. Play with colours on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Additionally, add some art on the face to let it catch the right attention.


We have finally reached the end of the list. Pisces sign people are deep and calm. They love anything in the shades of blue and green.

So, take this information as an inspiration to add these colours to the star sign’s makeup look. You can play around with shimmery blue and green eyeshadow to create quirky yet defining eyes.

For the lips, a brown or peach shade would look great. You can also go for a complete nude lipstick.

End the look by applying a shimmery blush for some drama.


So, how did you find these amazing looks for a great day? Knowing about all these looks might have helped you pick one that you can resonate with easily.

However, here is an important note. Regardless of what sign you were born with, you must always wear makeup that defines your personality and makes you feel confident. This way you can flaunt your face without worrying about others and their judgements.

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