Derma Clear Facial

Let your skin breathe with GharPar’s highly effective, Derma Clear Facial

Exfoliation of the skin is really important. It helps you to get rid of dead skin, clear clogged pores to remove dirt and grime, revealing an all-new skin that looks supple, healthy and make you look your best. Exfoliation is a process that needs to be done at least two to three times a week to give our skin the much needed TLC and remove the dead cells.

Service Price
Dermaclear Facial Rs. 3200
Dermaclear Facial with Polisher Rs. 3600

Why is a Derma Clear Facial better than the rest?

There are so many ways and types of facials that can help you achieve the much needed exfoliation but Dermaclear facial is that perfectly designed facial for all skin types and textures and also not so heavy on the wallet!

Derma whitening facial is a german brand and has amassed popularity in Pakistan because of the instantaneous results such as younger and more luminous skin. It aims to give your facial an aesthetic boost that it lacks previously.

Dermaclear facial treats the unevenness of skin and also helps in balancing out hyper-pigmentation. The Dermaclear facial is always recommended to do at least once a month so healthier cells can replace the dead ones. Derma whitening facial is so effective that the skin feels smooth instantly right after you are done having the procedure and any application of ointment or make-up to the face is absorbed in a better way to get a better result.

The Magical Dermaclear Skin Whitening Solution

Derma whitening facial uses Dermaclear skin whitening solution. Dermaclear skin whitening solution is a cream which is enriched with strong and effective whitening elements which help regulate the production of melanin in our body as a weapon against ugly dark spots and dark skin patches all over your body, especially the face.

This Dermaclear skin whitening solution is mixed with Vitamin C which slows down darkening to a greater level. This solution acts as a heat protector, sun protector and saves the skin from daily pollution and harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Trust GharPar for the Best Facials in Town

A Dermaclear facial is an ultimate solution to get yourself that glowing skin that you have been craving for so long. But who to trust for this procedure? Well, Noone except GharPar. Why? Because GharPar has experts that have been specifically trained to use Dermaclear facial products and have a clear knowledge to deal with skin problems.

In addition to that, facial of every kind demands a relaxing environment and no place is as comforting as your home. GharPar understands that completely, which is why this home beauty service will send their technicians over to your place, once you book a Dermaclear facial appointment with them.

An absolutely amazing me-time for you

So are you craving for a ‘me time’ that also includes treating your skin? A Dermaclear facial appointment from GharPar is the solution to all your worries.if this blog has convinced you enough, hurry up and book an appointment with the GharPar app right away.