Hair Colour for Women

Have fun switching up your hair color with GharPar!

Are you someone who wants to take a color plunge and is legit terrified? Do you want to change your look but are not sure how a change in your hair color will make you look? You are not alone. Every girl goes through this phase at least once in her lifetime. The most confident black-haired girls would sleep at night feeling proud of their thick, dark hair but then wake up feeling having highlights hair in their lives. On the other hand, there are always those blondes who would wonder and dream about dark colored hair at least once in a while. This is natural. We as women, love change and a change in hair colour for girls can completely transform anyone within hours.

Service Base Colour Highlights & Lowlights Hair Glossing
Upto Shoulder Rs 10,000 Rs 10,000 Rs 6,000
Below Shoulder Rs 12,000 Rs 15,000 Rs 7,000
Waist Rs 15,000 Rs 20,000 Rs 8,000
Below Waist Rs 18,000 Rs 24,000 Rs 9,000
Exclusive Deal
Roots + Highlights + Glossing + Wash + Blowdry + 1 Part Threading Price
Upto Shoulder Rs 15,000
Below Shoulder Rs 20,000
Waist Rs 25,000
Root Touch (1")
Rs 7,500

Hair color for women is a risky business

Hair coloring or highlights hair is a risky business though and trying it at home without any professional’s assistance can lead to possible disasters. What you might think would look good on you, might not turn out as predicted or you may go completely wrong with the technique of applying the hair dye. There are so many factors that you need to look at before going through the colouring process. The hair dye product, bleach or no bleach, the right color and tone etc. All these factors are so important to consider before you take that risky colour the hair step in your life.

GharPar is the hair color service for women you want in your life right now!

There are so many hair colour services for women and ladies hair color salons in Pakistan that can help you out choose the hair color treatment you want. They have the best beauticians and technicians that deal with ladies hair color business every day but finding an expert in a salon that can cater to your needs only without attending to other clients simultaneously, is hard to find. Hair colour for women and highlights hair is a treatment that requires lots of attention and patience and in good and bigger salons where there are customers coming in and out, the attention to detail is mostly missed out by the hair experts at salons. In addition, it is so hard to wait on the uncomfortable salon chairs, for the hair dye procedure to end. All these factors and more have forced women to try hair colouring at home which has often lead to disasters and tears. To fill this gap, GharPar has come up with the best hair salon services in Pakistan that provides hair colour for women by experts in the comfort of their home. Yes, you don’t have to go out to get your hair coloured!

Let the GharPar beauticians handle your dream hair color

A hair color expert from GharPar will visit you on their own and provide you with the best hair colour services for women that you can ever ask for. You can choose from a list of hair dyeing services from the GharPar App like the hair dyeing application and wash or a full length dyeing services or a root touching procedure. Try and explain the hair color you want to the beautician and just wait for your dream hair color to appear.

Hair coloring isn’t a risky affair now, all thanks to GharPar’s hassle-free service that all women in Pakistan are grateful for. Book your hair color appointment now and get the hair you want.