Manicure and Pedicure

Pamper yourself with a Manicure and Pedicure At-Home Service

Most people consider manicures and pedicures as unnecessary procedures of pampering yourself. This is such a wrong belief because in reality manicures and pedicures, done regularly, are a source of so many benefits for your body.

A human’s hands and feet are the most exposed parts of the body and so the skin on these parts needs to be treated properly at least twice a week.

Service Price
Classic Manicure Rs. 1750
Classic Pedicure Rs. 2000
Classic Mani Pedi Rs. 3000
GharPar Signature Manicure Rs. 2250
GharPar Signature Pedicure Rs. 2500
GharPar Signature Mani Pedi Rs. 3300

But yes, we agree getting manicures and pedicures regularly can’t be possible. Travelling to a beauty service provider and spending so much time and money on these procedures can be quite overwhelming. But your health and overall cleanliness also should be a priority which is why at GharPar we provide the best manicures and pedicures at home. These two beauty procedures are full of benefits and getting them at your home, in your comfort zone, is ideal. Below we have spilled some amazing benefits of having manicures and pedicures at home.

Benefits of having a manicure and pedicure at home

Increases blood circulation

During a manicure and pedicure at home, GharPar technicians will give you a soothing massage of the hands and feet. The massage helps improve the circulation of the blood which is great for your body. Massages are also essential for your joint health. The joints, during a massage, go through lots of motion which results in decreasing stiffness.

A foot pedicure for a healthy lifestyle

Healthy and clean feet define your personality. A foot pedicure means foot soak, scraping off dead skin, exfoliation, foot masks and a foot massage, but most importantly great-looking nails. That’s two benefits from one! In addition to that, doctors advise that healthy feet from a pedicure at home, make patients feel good about themselves which allows them to exercise and improve blood circulation.

A manicure at home helps remove dead cells

A regular manicure at home makes your skin soft and neat. If you are looking for a beautician for manicure near me Please visit At GharPar, all beauticians believe in deep cleaning. The dead skin cells on the hands and feet can lead to lots of health issues so a manicure and pedicure at home is essential on a regular basis.

GharPar for an amazing manicure and pedicure at home experience!

You can book a service at any time you want. A manicure and pedicure at home take about 1.5 hours. The experience starts with soaking of hands and feet in water followed by cuticle cutting and removing, exfoliation, hand and foot mask, massage and then the most fun part, colouring your nails with your favourite nail colour. The Manicure and pedicure gently conditions and polishes your hands and feet, leaving them with a healthy glow.