Party Makeup

Design your own look! Party Makeup at home!

Do you have an event to attend in the evening but nothing is falling into place? You still have to get all the kids ready and your husband is just being demanding! You also have to make sure that everyone has eaten enough so they can survive till the end of the event? There is so much in your plate that you will burst with anger and frustration soon.

Service Price
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint Rs. 4500
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint with Hairstyle Rs. 5500
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint with Blowdry Rs. 5000

Prioritise yourself!

Hey, hey! Hang on a minute! Don’t stress but realign your focus on t how you will look like at the event? With all these thoughts running in your head, you will obviously look tired and disturbed.

Relax for a minute and think about the dress you will be wearing and the kind of makeup that will look good on you. Feeling good? No, why? Oh, so you can’t afford to go to a party makeup artist on the day of the event which means you won’t be applying any makeup? Well, that does not sound right but then the number of tasks you are supposed to do on a day pretty much confirms that you hardly get time for yourself.

We Started GharPar only for You!

As women, we love dressing up and putting on party makeup but we hardly get time to move out of our homes to pamper ourselves. This is absolutely right which is why GharPar came into existence! GharPar is a beauty service provider that will make sure that you get the best party makeup service at home.

Call GharPar for a Party Makeup at Home of Your Choice

GharPar knows that women easily neglect themselves at events and parties and always put their families above everything. With that premise in mind GharPar ensures that ladies like you can enjoy all kinds of beauty services such as Party Makeup at home from a professional party makeup artist sent by GharPar.

All GharPar party makeup artists are fully vetted and have gone through rigorous training. Their toolkit includes the best and latest makeup products and tools so that no client is left dissatisfied. Choose waxing service, massage and party makeup service from the GharPar website and book an appointment. You have the freedom to customise your makeup based on your likes and dislikes, the professionals at GharPar will do a short consultation session with you before they start working their magic wand on you! All you will have to do is sit back, relax and dream about looking the best version of yourself.