Soft Makeup

Enhance your natural features with GharPar’s signature soft makeup look

Is soft, dewey, natural looking makeup your dream, do you look at all those Instagram pictures and aspire that someone could do your makeup like that! The best part of this ongoing and favourite trend is so much time and energy is saved which was used to create perfectly painted lips or a sharp cat eye. Soft makeup also goes great with any kind of dress and event and perfectly balances any kind of hairstyle with the overall look.

Soft Makeup + Hairstyle + EyelashesRs. 3500
Soft Makeup without Eyelashes + BlowdryRs. 2500

A soft makeup look shouldn’t be boring

A soft makeup look can be both easy and difficult to create at the same time. There are no dark shades involved which are quite hard to handle otherwise but at the same time, soft makeup doesn’t mean that you can get away with smudges and smears. The most complicated thing about soft natural makeup is that it requires everything to be perfectly blended and that a proper flush of colours should be added to avoid a total flat look. It goes great for a wedding or a simple family dinner but yet for each event a soft makeup look shouldn’t look boring and that’s why a good makeup artist from GharPar is what you need to create your desired soft makeup look.

GharPar Magicians at Work!

Makeup artists from GharPar are basically magicians. Their experience and training is everything you require in a perfect makeup artist and in addition to that their service is completely surrounded around your comfort. You are their first priority. A soft makeup look is what they excel at. Whenever you make an appointment on the GharPar app, choose the service you require, the time and the date. That’s it! The makeup artist will reach your place according to the appointment and will do a short consultation with you on the event you need the makeup for, your dress and your desired soft makeup look. You can always choose from soft glowing makeup and soft gold makeup. The makeup artist will also tell you beforehand the kind of soft eye makeup she will be creating for you. Everything will be done with your consent because well, at the end of the day client is everything.

Soft over bright and bold

For those occasions and days when a bright, bold makeup look just doesn’t feel in place, a soft makeup look is a perfect idea. With just the right colour and coverage, the makeup artist from GharPar can bring out and enhance your natural features in a beautiful way. Try it for yourself! Book an appointment now.