Sugar Waxing

GharPar’s highly recommended sugar waxing technique will definitely get you hooked

Are you tired of those stray hairs all over your hands and legs? They make your body look annoying, unclean and just not presentable, isn’t it? Waxing is an effective way to get rid of all the pesky hairs but it’s painful and all the wax used is full of chemicals that can harm your skin in many ways. Also, traditional waxing at home is far more irritating and can harm your skin cells in more ways than you can imagine. The horror stories you hear about traditional waxing methods are all true and that is why more and more women are choosing sugar waxing or sugaring over the traditional one.

ServicePrice (SUGAR)
BikiniRs. 1750
Full Body Rs. 3500
Full Legs Rs. 1750
Full Legs + Bikini Rs. 2500
Full Legs + Full Arms + Underarms Rs. 2900
Full Legs + Full Arms + Underarms + Bikini Rs. 3000
Half Legs + Full Arms + Underarms Rs. 2500
Underarms + Full ArmsRs. 1750

What is sugar wax hair removal technique?

What is sugar wax hair removal, you ask? Well, the technique used for sugar waxing is very similar to traditional waxing but sugar wax is made up of a gentle mix of sugar, lemon and water to remove all your body hair. The procedure of sugar waxing is far less painful and far more chemical-free than traditional waxing.

Sugar waxing for the face and all the other parts are very popular for so many reasons. It is considered to be traditional waxing’s cheaper, less painful sister, sugar waxing promises the gentle hair removal process you have always been looking for. If you are searching for sugar waxing near me, just visit

The paste called sugar wax for hair removal has no additives involved which makes it all natural and environmentally friendly. So if you are someone who loves mother nature, sugar waxing is definitely your cup of tea.

Where to get the best sugar wax at home?

Waxing is something we prefer doing inside our homes rather than going out to a salon. But it can get very tricky doing it ourselves and that’s why you and I call GharPar for a wonderful sugar waxing experience at home.

What happens when you call an expert from GharPar?

GharPar has the most caring and experienced technicians who are well aware of the sugaring process than anyone out there. Once you have made an appointment, the technician will arrive at your home on the day and time you have chosen on the GharPar app. The technician will start the treatment by cleaning the skin with a gentle cleanser. Then, the powder is put on the area to provide a protective barrier between the skin and the paste. The technician will then start with the sugar waxing procedure. She will make sure that you have an astounding experience and feel good about it at the end. Any pain or irritation you face during the procedure, you can easily communicate with the technician and she will look into it there and then.

A waxing procedure worth trying

What more do you want? Times are changing and so are our traditional waxing methods. It’s about time you change too and opt for sugar wax at home. You will love it and that’s guaranteed. Book an appointment with GharPar now and get rid of those annoying hair killing your personality every day.