5 Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety Right Now

5 ways to Treat your Anxiety and Depression.

Are you depressed? Do you feel stressed all the time? Do you want to cry aloud? If yes, you are going through anxiety feeling and that’s okay. Almost every human being on this earth goes through a phase of anxiety and depression at least once in their lifetime. This is a common mental state and occurs in both men and women. However, just because it is common doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it treated. Like any other physical condition, anxiety can also get worse with time. It can lead to stressful days and nights with suicidal thoughts. Therefore, you must know ways and methods of stress relievers and anxiety as soon as you start feeling different from normal.

Symptoms of Stress & Anxiety

Many of you must be going through anxiety feeling but may not know it. To make sure you treat it well, you need to know the right anxiety symptoms first. Here is a list of the most common stress symptoms people witness when they are stressed and anxious.

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  1. Racing thoughts

Are you going through thoughts that are fast-paced? Are you unsure how to stop your brain from constantly thinking? If yes, you have anxiety.

  1. Uncontrollable over-thinking

Overthinking is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. Thinking about the things that may happen and worry about them day and night, is called overthinking. Also, overthinking also includes constantly thinking about things that have already happened.

  1. Difficulty in concentrating

If you are failing to focus on one thing, you might be going through anxiety. Focus and concentration are related to your brain’s ability to think in one direction. While in anxiety, your brain fails to achieve that.

  1. Gets easily irritable

When you are anxious and stressed, you get irritable quite easily. You do not like anyone’s presence and want to stay alone. You take words wrongly and it affects your relationships.

  1. Alert

Anxiousness increases your level of alertness. You are conscious of things around you.

  1. Sleepless night

Anxiety reduces sleep. Insomnia is directly related to anxiety and stress. You feel it hard to sleep in a single go. Sleeplessness adds to your irritable attitude which increases stress. It is a vicious cycle.

  1. Loss in Appetite

Do you eat well? Do you feel hungry? If not, you have a loss of appetite and this isn’t good for your body. A loss in appetite is common during anxiety and stressful events.

If you have been going through any one or more of these anxiety symptoms, you have anxiety. Accept it and read on to know how to get rid of it.

5 Ways to Relieve Yourself from Stress and Anxiety

  1. Exercise

Regular exercise is far better than medicines. Yes, it’s TRUE. Make an effort to exercise daily. There are a million ways to exercise. You can do Yoga, cardio, weightlifting and whatnot. If you want to join the gym, do so. Dance and meditation are great exercises too. With sweat, you will feel the stress leaving your body and you will be pumped up to stay mentally healthy. Give this tip a try and feel positive energy within you.

  1. Connection with Nature

Nature is the best healer. Does it ring a bell? We have been grown up listening to this quote. But do we apply this in our lives? Anxiety is very much treatable with nature’s blessings. To connect with nature, go for daily walks in the park. Choose hiking as a weekly activity. Spend time in green spaces around birds and animals. If you cant leave your home, place plants in your home. Plants and trees are some of the best relievers of anxiety.

  1. Read your favourite content

Reading the right content can calm your mind and soul. To stop your brain from over-thinking, diversion is the right strategy. However, make sure your mind is diverted in the right direction. Choose reading to control your running thoughts and over-thinking. Reading before bedtime also makes it easy for you to sleep. Read content that feels your heart with gratitude. Avoid content that worsens your situation. For instance, horror or depressing stories can add more misery to your problems. Read whenever you find the time. Within a week, you will feel a good change.

  1. Socialize

Anxiety rises with loneliness. If you are dealing with this on your own, don’t. Take help. Rant with someone who understands you and your situation. Make a call to a family member and cry whenever you feel like it. Speak out your emotions and don’t let them build up. Socialize and go out but choose a circle that reduces your misery.

  1. See a specialist

Most people prefer finding anxiety’s treatment within their homes. That’s fine as long as it works. But if it doesn’t, see a specialist as soon as you can. There is no point in extending this condition. If anxiety gets worse, it gets untreatable. It can cause suicidal thoughts and that’s not what you want. See a doctor and start any medication, if prescribed.

Final Say

Now that you know how to treat anxiety, take action. For your own peace of mind, spend time on yourself. Follow the above tips and within days witness a good change.

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