How Do You Beat Dehydration in the Summer?

6 easy ways to save your body from Dehydration, this summer!

You must have heard of this very famous Kashmiri proverb, no sweet without sweat. Yes definitely, we all would agree to this proverb. Sweating after a workout is a sign of accomplishment or working hard to achieve your goals is sweet in every sense but if we take it too literally, sweating just because of summer heat is not sweet at all.

Not looking forward to summer?

We all would agree that high temperatures in summer aren’t something we would want to experience but we have to. Got no choice there. Summers make hydration a task. It becomes so hard to keep our bodies hydrated for long while we are working under the sun. There is no escape from the heat which is why summer, for most people, isn’t considered their favourite season.

What makes you feel dehydrated?

The weirdest thing about Dehydration in summer is that even though you might be sitting in an air-conditioned room, there still would be a feeling of tiredness in you. The fatigue after a workday in summer is far more than compared in winter. This clearly points out the fact that dehydration is not just related to summer heat but it can also happen due to the level of humidity in the air which soars in mid-summers. The amount of sweat a person releases in summer is quite a lot. This drains out all the fluids and salts from the body which ends up making you feel tired and low on energy. There are so many dehydration symptoms that you can look for in yourself if you need to know whether you are dehydrated or not. Some of them are given below

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Dehydration Symptoms

  1. You are dehydrated if you feel tired all the time without working out or doing anything.
  2. If you feel that the easiest tasks are the most difficult ones then you are definitely low on your energy and are dehydrated.
  3. A constant headache every day or migraine pain for no good reason shows that you are not hydrated enough.
  4. If you aren’t urinating enough, then you are probably not taking enough fluids.
  5. A nauseated feeling, every other day, very much signifies a dehydrated state.

So, it’s true. Dehydration will bug you this summer. It will make sure you feel low every day but with a strong will and strategy, you can win this war against this cruel monster. Take all the positive steps to be stronger than the summer heat, this season. Read and follow these six easy hacks that will help you rise over this cruel heat this year.

Dehydration Treatment – Hacks to Prevent Dehydration

Hack#1 Make water your best friend

Throw away the misconception, that too much water can lead to weight gain, from your mind. Water is a savior, not an enemy. It can save you from the summer heat and dehydration so why not consume it as much as you can? 8 glasses of water are recommended by professionals but if you feel that a few more will help you win this war, have them. Water can help retain your lost energy and can also kill the humidity around you.

Hack#2 Say no to caffeine in any form

As much as we love having coffee and tea, we are also aware of the fact that caffeine in any form is a heat producer. The heat produced after consuming caffeine does us no good rather increase sweating and humidity inside the body. Because of the heat produced inside, our body uses up all the stored water to lower down the temperature. This leads to dehydration. In order to avoid this from happening, reduce your caffeine intake in summer this year.

Hack#3 Don’t consume oily or fried foods

Do you know that the samosas and rolls you consume take away almost double the amount of water restored in your body, to digest, if compared to fruits and vegetables? Oily food, when consumed, increases the body temperature which isn’t a good thing to face. Keep your appetite simple and healthy this season. Eat less and drink more. Make sure you walk for 20 minutes after every meal, so that your digestion is easily regulated.

Hack#4 Eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can

Raw eating is always good. Consume as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Watermelons, oranges, grapes and peaches help retain water inside your body which is what your dehydrated body needs. Add cucumbers, sprouts and carrots in your diet for a fulfilling day. With enough water inside, your body won’t feel the need of asking for more.

Hack#5 When life throws you lemons, make a lemonade

This is true in every sense. Lemons are great to kill dehydration. Lemons in water with salt are a treat to have in summer. Make your lemonade icy cold and enjoy it twice a day, daily. Also, if you are not into Lemons, try out smoothies and milkshakes with various summer fruits and enjoy the happy, summer vibe.

Hack#6 Take a shower, whenever you feel like

There are no restrictions on the number of showers, you should take this summer. Take a shower if you feel sweaty. Take a shower, if you feel humid. Take a shower if you feel dehydrated. As mentioned before, make water your best friend and leave the rest to this nature’s wonderful gift to us.

Stay away from unhealthy sugars

A key point here. You might feel like consuming juices and carbonated drinks just to kill the heat. All these drinks are just filled with sugar and artificial elements that aren’t good for your health. And surprisingly, they won’t even hydrate you. So just keep away from these drinks if you don’t want to end up gaining weight at the end of the heat season.

Summers are not as bad as you think they are. Plan out a healthy summer this year. Adapt to good changes and you will be in love with this season. Happy Hydrating!

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