The Benefits of Regular Waxing: More Than Just Hair Removal

You may be ready for your monthly waxing session today. The pain that the process brings might be making you anxious. However, the amazing benefits of the procedure outweigh its flaws any day.

Waxing is more than just a hair removal process. The technique helps you get smooth skin and amazing hair regrowth.

Although it takes a good chunk of your day, the results are always fantastic and better than any advanced laser procedure can produce.

Let’s find out what more waxing can give you other than an excellent removal of your hair.

What is Waxing Anyway?

For those of you who are unaware of what waxing is, here is an explanation.

This hair removal procedure uses wax, a sticky paste, to pull out your body hair from your skin. There is hot and cold wax.

A hot wax is applied directly on the skin using a spatula. Then strips of fabric are smothered on the skin before they are removed to clean the hair and the wax on your skin.

There is also a cold waxing method. This process doesn’t use wax. It involves using ready-made strips that you simply paste on your hand before pulling them out for your hair removal.

Both methods produce the same ultimate result, hair removal.

But what many people don’t know is that they also benefit you in many different ways.

Here are all the different benefits you can reap from waxing.

Waxing Enables a Slow Hair Regrowth

Since waxing removes your hair directly from the root, the regrowth of this hair is slow and less. That’s not the case with shaving which removes your hair only at the skin level.

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This is why after you wax, your skin feels incredibly smooth.

What’s more, if you are consistent with waxing and get it done after every three or four weeks, you will eventually see your regrowth frequency decreasing with time.

As a result, eventually, you won’t find the need to wax even after a month.

Waxing Helps Generate Finer Regrowth of Hair

Another major benefit of waxing is that helps in regrowing much finer hair. Since the hair are removed at the follicle, the hair that are regrown usually have a finely tapered end. The ends aren’t stubbly which means that your body won’t feel hairy even as the next waxing is close by.

Over time you may see your hair regrowth reduce to a minimum. That’s a blessing for someone who wishes to have hair-free and smooth arms and legs all the time.

The Process Helps Exfoliate Your Skin

If you think that waxing is just a mere method to remove hair, you may want to reconsider your thoughts.

Waxing is also a wonderful way to exfoliate your skin. The procedure helps remove the grime, dead skin cells and accumulated dirt on the skin. All of these bad guys are the reasons your skin suffers from outbreaks and blemishes.

But thankfully, regular waxing helps exfoliate your skin, helping it breath properly.

To make sure that waxing does this wonderfully, avoid exfoliating your skin at least two days before the appointment day. This way your skin won’t be very sensitive to not deal with the exfoliation properly.

Waxing Is a Great Way to Remove Any Shaving Rash

If you suffer from shaving rash caused by irritation and inflammation of the skin, know that waxing can help you remove it with time.

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Waxing helps you get a break from consistent shaving, allowing your skin to calm down for some time. As a result, the inflammation starts to vanish, giving you sheer comfort.

Waxing is a Great Way to Stay Safe from Shaving Cuts

If you shave regularly, you would already know the biggest disadvantage of this method. The cuts you get after regularly shaving are not only painful but also look incredibly awful on your skin.

Skin cuts from a razor are adamant to happen even if you are careful. However, they can be avoided by opting for waxing over shaving any day.

Waxing gives you the comfort of eliminating cuts for good. But just make sure that you are careful with using hot wx. Sometimes, if it’s too warm, it can cause burns and that is probably the last thing you expect to face from this procedure.

Waxing Is a Great Pampering Method

The hassle of arranging a wax, strips and some help are sometimes too much for people to manage. But if you keep all these factors aside, there is no better hair removal method than waxing. It is a great way to pamper yourself and make your skin feel healthy again.

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Also, thank God for innovation, there are environmental friendly waxes available as well. They use organic ingredients and feel great on the skin. They also have zero side effects which works great for people with sensitivity issues.

Wrapping Up

So, are you ready to book a waxing appointment right away after reading the above benefits? If you choose to do it yourself, make sure you know the technique well to avoid any mishaps.

However, if you book a spa, ensure to pick one that excels at this service and takes hygiene seriously.

A good pick will save you from unnecessary troubles any day.

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