Bridal Ubtan

Dive in the Glowing Glory of Ubtan!

Here is a fun fact. About 5000 years ago on the subcontinent, men and women were very fond of taking care of their faces and bodies during rituals connected with religion. Using cosmetics and masks was considered a pleasure and a way to fulfil a desire to not only look attractive but also to become healthier and live a long life. Ubtan for bride was one such mask that was applied and used very fondly. Interestingly, ubtan is considered to be the very first cosmetic product ever used in the world.

Service Price
Ubtan Scrub Rs. 1800

Ubtan is a mix of various plants, herbs, flowers and roots that are chosen and mixed according to different skin types and desired outcomes. There is ubtan for face whitening and also ubtan for body whitening, both very effective in their own ways. Ubtan is also considered a very good mask for brides-to-be and is often given a good scrubbing of ubtan at their mayun functions or dholkis taking place before the main event.

Glow with GharPar’s Bridal Ubtan and Whitening Scrub

There is so much ubtan for the bride has to offer but sadly, there are not many beauty services available that take advantage of this natural scrub. The reason being, that in this day and age people are faced with far more complicated skin issues as compared to 5000 years ago, which Ubtan alone cannot solve. But you know what, GharPar doesn’t believe in losing their traditions. At GharPar, our beauty experts believe that anything that’s natural is gold and we can make it effective by adding elements that can suit the skin textures and problems that exist today.

GharPar’s Ubtan and Whitening scrub is a new twist of the traditional Ubtan to meet the needs of present skin textures. This scrub is made of selected herbs and plants which works great for both face whitening and body whitening. The enriching properties of this scrub are bound to leave your skin soft and moist.

Calling out all the brides!

Ubtan and Whitening scrub works great as bridal ubtan. The glow leaves after a single polish is perfect to scrub away all the pre-wedding worries from the bride’s mind. In addition to that, GharPar beauticians make sure that the scrubbing process is highly comforting and satisfying. The satisfying process includes a relaxing scrubbing session, in the comfort of your home by the most well-trained and disciplined experts from GharPar.

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