Corona Virus And Why Use GharPar Services?

Here is why you should use GharPar’s services to protect yourself against the novel coronavirus

Coronavirus isn’t a rare phenomena anymore. The world knows about this epidemic and we hear people suffering from it, every day. The coronavirus epidemic is spreading like wildfire or if I say, faster than that, unfortunately. 5 people have been reported of having coronavirus in Pakistan, so far, and there is no sign of it coming slow anytime soon.

What is Covid-19 and how does it spread?

The Covid-19 coronavirus is a new kind of illness that gets transferred from person to person when an infected individual sneezes or coughs. The sneeze consists of droplets of saliva which can be inhaled by the people in the surroundings causing this virus to spread.

The affected droplets can also be picked up on the hands and when a person touches their face with their hands, the virus gets transferred.

Scientists have also confirmed that these droplets carrying the virus, can settle down on surfaces such as sofas, bus seats, desks and when these surfaces are touched, the virus is transferred.

Say no to public places for now!

Taking into account all the above ways in which Coronavirus can spread, doctors around the world have requested people to wash their hands and faces after every two hours and to avoid public places as much as they can.

Places like salons have so many people coming in and out every other minute and you have no control over how they keep their surfaces clean or if their staff has been tested for the virus. Staying home is only for your benefit but it doesn’t mean that you should spend months without getting salon or beauty services.

GharPar is your saviour

When you have GharPar, you don’t need to deprive yourself of any beauty salon service. Your home is the safest place right now and GharPar ensures that you are given all the beauty services, you require, under your own roof.

When this epidemic started off, GharPar made sure that all their staff members were tested for the virus. Fortunately, they all came clean. The tests are conducted every now and then to ensure the safety of staff members and clients.

GharPar’s excellent Sanitization Training

GharPar has also invested in giving a Coronavirus Sanitization Training to all its workers. When a GharPar technician arrives at your place, she will sanitize her hands and use tools that will be properly cleaned. The technician will be wearing a mask and if needed, you, the customer will also be given a mask to protect yourself. GharPar has made sure to keep a health check on all its staff members before sending them off to anyone’s house for all kinds of beauty services.

Only you can save yourself, today!

GharPar, as always, is playing a great role in saving people from moving out of their houses in these hard times. Safety comes first and that is what GharPar believes in. So, if you need to get a beauty service, book an appointment with GharPar now and protect yourself from the coronavirus that has taken so many lives. Prayers for your good health.

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