Fruit Waxing

Your skin definitely needs a fruity and enriching waxing treatment and Here’s Why.

Who doesn’t want and dream of sleek and hairless skin every single day? A neat and clean skin is a beauty essential for every woman out there but not everyone can afford a laser hair removal procedure to get rid of these pesky hairs forever.

Service Price
Bikini Rs. 2000
Full Body Wax Rs. 4500
Full Legs Rs. 2500
Full Legs + Bikini Rs. 3300
Full Legs + Full Arms + Underarms Rs. 3500
Full Legs + Full Arms + Underarms + Bikini Rs. 4000
Half Legs + Full Arms + Underarms Rs. 2950
Underarms + Full Arms Rs. 2500

Fruit waxing has replaced traditional waxing big time!

Thank God for the person who invented waxing which is one of the most popular effective and quick ways of hair removal methods. Traditional waxing at home is still very popular but has quite a few drawbacks as it’s painful, causes irritation and can lead to burns if not done properly. With changing times and awareness, people have found new ways to modernise and improve the traditional wax by introducing sugar waxing and fruit waxing. These new waxing techniques not only are safer and nourishing but are also highly recommended for sensitive skins.

Why choose fruit wax for hair removal?

Fruit wax for hair removal is considered the best match for sensitive skin. Traditional waxing often leads to burns and rashes when done on sensitive skin but this isn’t the case with fruit wax for body. The fruit wax for face and body is enriched with vitamins and fruit extracts and is very high in antioxidants. The fruit wax is so gentle with the skin that you will definitely love the experience of having fruit waxing.

Fruit waxes are not much different in formula from traditional waxes, but the extra infusion of vitamins and emollients make for smoother skin afterwards and that what you want, a silky smooth skin to love. Fruit waxing works as a two in one experience. You get two benefits through this single procedure, one being you get your hair removed through a simple waxing procedure and second being that your skin gets all the fruity nutrients and food it requires to stay soft and healthy.

GharPar, any day, for your fruit waxing expert!

There are so many fruit waxing kits available in the market but if you are someone who knows nothing about waxing, we would recommend you to call an expert to deal with your annoying body hair. Calling an expert obviously means, calling GharPar.

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Enjoy a silky smooth waxing experience with GharPar

Okay, so raise your hand if we have convinced you that fruit waxing is everything you need today to get rid of your wanted hair? If you have your handheld up high, you definitely know who to call now. Book your fruit waxing experience today to enjoy the many benefits this twist to traditional waxing has to offer. GharPar is just a booking away!