Full Face Threading

Say Goodbye to those pesky little facial hair!

Are you tired of struggling with unwanted hair under your chin, over your lips and eyebrows?

Science says that facial hair growth is usually caused by hormonal changes or is inherited through genes. Facial hair issues have existed since forever and women have come up with various methods to deal with this problem. One of the most ancient methods is full face threading. This was followed by full face waxing, a hair removal method that uses hot wax for face. It’s impossible to perform both these methods without a professional and most women find it hard to leave their homes or workplaces and visit a spa or a beauty parlour for these hair removal procedures. Results? Pesky little hairs around your face, that they feel ashamed of!

Service Price
Full Face Hot Wax Rs. 1050

Let GharPar take control of your full face threading!

But, do you know what? Gone are the days when facial hair were the reason women felt bad about themselves. This is because the only hindrance that was stopping them to take care of themselves has been lifted all and this is all because of GharPar. l Our trained technicians will come over to your place and create an experience that you will remember forever. Choose the hair removal method of your choice and leave the rest to GharPar.

Full Face Threading works like magic

Full face threading, as the name suggests, uses a thread to pull and twist the hair from the face. The pulling and twisting might be scary and a little painful but this technique is totally chemical-free. Threading full face does require a professional hand because of its unique technique and who better to ask than a professional beautician at GharPar.

Experience Full Face Waxing with GharPar

Waxing facial hair also proves to be quite effective for hair removal. Full face waxing involves heating wax in a wax warmer and then applying it over the face using a stick. There are so many things that you have to care about before using hot wax for your face which is why you need GarPar’s services. The technicians from GharPar make sure that the wax used for full face waxing isn’t too hot and they always conduct a patch test on your hand for any allergic reaction that might occur.

Customise your appointment!

A GharPar we feel that you have a complete choice to create your appointments, you can customise a mix of threading and face wax to remove unwanted facial hair. You know the drill, Book, Relax and Repeat!