Eyebrow Threading

Get your threading game strong with GharPar!

Have you heard of microblading? It is given too much credit these days as the best procedure to get brows that are thick and have those full arches that you dream of. To be honest, microblading is a process for the people with riches and there are so many reasonable options such as eyebrow threading and tinting that can give you as perfect eyebrows as any other cool technique. And yes, eyebrow threading is far more cost-effective than any other modern procedure with results very similar.

Service Price
Eyebrows (threading) Rs. 200
Full Face Hot Wax Rs. 1050
Per Part Hot Wax Rs. 150
Upper Lip Hot Wax Rs. 150

GharPar for the best eyebrow threading service at home!

Eyebrow threading uses just a piece of string to shape your eyebrows and the process is so simple that it is useless to go out and spend money and time on this activity. GharPar’s technicians are pros at threading and can come to your house, at the desired time, to give you those magical brows and remove the unwanted facial hair. GharPar charges are also minimum and all you will have to do is place an appointment on the GharPar app and enjoy professional eyebrow threading at home as well as face threading.

Threading at home for those dreamy eyebrows!

Alright, so how does threading at home works? Before the actual eyebrow threading and tinting, the GharPar technician will have a consultation with you regarding the shape you want. Then, with a piece of thread, she will remove your hair from the follicle without damaging the skin. Eyebrow shaping and threading takes about 15 minutes in total. Professional threading is significantly less painful than waxing. It can be a little uncomfortable at times but that’s about it. Since there is no contact with the skin, eyebrow threading doesn’t cause irritation or burning in any way. Eyebrow threading can be tricky which is why you do require a professional such as someone from the eyebrow threading home service GharPar to go through your brow hair row by row and give them a clean, defined shape.

Skin- loving eyebrow shaping technique at your doorstep

Eyebrow threading is an organic, natural technique to get rid of all the unwanted hair. The process does not involve chemicals and that is great for people with sensitive skin or those who are on medication. Threading lasts for at least two to three weeks depending on the type of hair but hair usually grow up to be sparse and fine as they are pulled out at the root.

So many benefits of a process that doesn’t cost you anything! This is what you have to do now. Book an appointment with GharPar and get rid of all the stray hair immediately. Groom your brows today because they truly define you.