Which Hijab Style Suits your Face

Enlighten yourself with these easy ways to style your Hijab according to your face shape

If you are someone who wears a hijab every day but is still not sure which kind of scarf style is best for your personality and face, then hear us out. In this article, we have shed some light on a variety of different hijab styles that you can support according to the shape of your face.

Wearing a hijab has become far more common among girls and women now than it was a decade ago. Girls are seen experimenting with different scarf styles, colors, prints, and fabrics for their hijabs. The good thing is that it has, slowly and steadily, being considered as part of a wardrobe and is taken as seriously as girls consider their shirts, tops or shoes. There are so many ways you can wear hijab and we are pretty sure that you might have tried the majority of them but do you realize that not all scarf styles are made for you? Many people are not aware enough to know that certain styles of wearing hijab go with only some face shapes and not all. To look great in a hijab, one should know what exactly looks great on them but before you know that, you need to understand what face shape you own. Here are a few tips that can help you access your right face shape.

What face shape do you have?

There are some basic categories that can help you identify which group of face shapes your song belongs to.

Look out for the broadest feature of your face:

You own a heart-shaped face if your forehead is broader than your chin but if your cheekbones give a wider impression, then you are definitely a diamond face-shaped person. People with square and round faces have an overall wide face.

What shape is your jaw:

If you have a round face, you definitely will have around the jaw. Surprisingly, square-faced people mostly have a pointed jaw but there are no hard and fast rules with jaws, really. Jaws can vary respective of face shape.

How long is your face:

An average face length is 1:5 if you measure from below the eyes to the chin and the length of your face from ear to ear. A ratio below 1:5 may indicate a round face.

Once you have determined what face shape category you belong to, you can experiment with your hijab in a different way, every day. Below are different hijab styles you can carry with your perfect face shape.

Hijab Styles for Oval face shapes:

This shape is considered a perfect face shape and lucky are those who have an oval face. An oval face has a smooth chine with very prominent cheekbones so it’s easy to wear and carry any style, perfectly. The best hijab style for this category is a loosely draped hijab. This scarf style will help give some volume to your look and will also highlight the prominent features of your face.

Hijab style for round faces:

A round face is fuller from every part so the style that will look best is the one that will help slim down your face from the sides. Keep the hijab loose and add volume to prevent your cheekbones from hiding.

Hijab styles for a long-faced person:

Long faces usually have a broader forehead so while wearing a scarf, it’s important to increase volume on the forehead. Hijab styles that look like a turban look great on long faces. The point is to add more texture and volume on the forehead than on the rest of the parts of the face.

Hijab style for heart-shaped faces:

All heart-shaped faces have pointed chins. The best way to enhance the shape of this face cut is to give attention to the jawline and pin the scarf under the chin. Adding width to the scarf will ruin the shape and won’t men compliment your looks.

Hijab styles for square shape:

If you have a square-shaped face, you must be aware of your beautiful jawline. This enhances this jawline and creates a soft touch to your angles, you must wear a hijab that wraps around your chin area and is pinned a bit higher. Make sure to unwrap your cheekbones and chin so that your face can look longer than before.

There are some fantastic hijab styles that you can look up on Youtube and practice them on yourself.

Below we have mentioned a few:

The Chic Style:

A great option for girls with round faces, this style has long sides and gives high coverage. For tall women, the chic hijab style is a perfect match.

The Viola style:

This style is very similar to Chic, except that it uses a short scarf and the coverage isn’t as high. This style looks perfect with a chiffon scarf.

The Zain style:

This style uses a thick scarf that needs to be worn tightly around the face. Women who love jersey hijab, love wearing their hijabs in a zain style.

The Taj style:

With a short length, the taj style hijab looks great on a sophisticated look. It helps cover the area above your chest which is great.

There are so many other ways that you can add personality and character to your hijabs irrespective of the style you choose to wear. Some women love wearing glasses on their scarves. This looks highly sophisticated and classy.

Black and white scarves with motives and embellishments add so much value to a simple hijab that you can carry them in every party or office meeting, with confidence. You can also experiment with different textures and prints. A pop of colors coming from your hijab add a different look to your overall wardrobe. For decent looks, pastel hijabs add some decency to the overall look.

Play with your hijab

There is so much you can explore and learn about hijab styles through the internet. The variety of scarves available and the number of ways you can style your hijab, are far more than you can expect. Experiment with your style and let us know how it all went.

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