Jojoba Oil – One of the Most Beloved Skincare Oils

What is Jojoba Oil and why is it used? Read to find out.

Facts about Jojoba Oil

Do you know how to pronounce the word jojoba oil? It is pronounced as “ho ho ba” oil. But what’s more important are its benefits to your skin.

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seed known as the CHUNENSIS plant. It is mostly available in Mexico, California, and the southern part of Arizona. This oil has been used for many centuries by native Americans as it works wonders for the skin.

Earlier it was applied directly on the skin but after much scientific research imploring its many benefits and unique wax esters, it is now used in almost every cosmetic, hair care, and skincare product.

Moreover, it also acts as natural sebum for the skin by locking moisture within the skin, without clogging the pore and prevents acne too. In short, we can say that it is the skin’s best friend as it is one of the natural oils that you can get for your skin.

This oil is beneficial for all skin types (oily, combination, and dry).

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As it is very lightweight, non-greasy and does not clog pores. Talking about its plant, jojoba beads are also very environmentally friendly, so they are used in exfoliators.

Reasons Why Jojoba is One of the Beloved Oils for All Time

  1. Jojoba Oil for Skin – Acts as a Moisturizer

It has been proved scientifically that it contains natural skin sebum that does not destroy your skin and does not cause any allergic reaction to your skin as well. It locks all the moisture in the skin and provides you with moisturized supple and soft skin. You can use it as a final step in your skincare routine.

  1. Work as a Makeup Removal

We use different chemical infused oils for removing makeup, but Jojoba oil removes your makeup naturally. As it is an oil it tends to remove the makeup faster and does not damage or dry your skin. After using jojoba oil for makeup removal, you should use a face wash to clean the oils from your skin, and after that apply your moisturizer.

  1. Safe, When it is Combined with Active Ingredients

Most of the active ingredients for example retinoids and different skin acids can react very badly if you have sensitive skin. To avoid sensitivity, you can add jojoba oil to your active serums. It will give you the best results without any skin reaction.

  1. Acts as a Sun Protector

Jojoba oil also acts as a natural protector from sun damage. The outer layer molecules of the oil prevent any damage from the UVB rays. So, if you cannot afford an expensive sunblock that does not have a white cast, you should apply jojoba oil before exposing yourself to the sun.

  1. Good for Acne-prone Skin

Oily skins are mostly prone to breakouts, the reason behind it is that mostly oily prone skin tend to use a face wash that removes the natural sebum from their skin. Due to the removal of that natural oil, the skin produces more oil than it should naturally produce and resulting in clogged pores that end up in breakouts.

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So, if you have oily skin and you are using a face wash that is making your skin extra dry after the wash, then you need to have jojoba oil in your skincare routine as it is the most natural sebum to your skin.

  1. Excellent for Dry Lips

If you spent so much money and are still not getting rid of your chapped lips, then try jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is known for its hydrating features. Using it on dried lips will not only make them hydrated but also more plump and it gives a non-greasy look as well.

Many cosmetic surgeons use jojoba oil in their lip product range (lipsticks, lip balms, and lip glosses) to avoid lip dryness. If you apply jojoba oil daily before sleeping, you will see visible results after four to five days.

  1. Best for Dry and Flaky Cuticles

Jojoba oil is one of the best ones among all other oils for flaky cuticles. It will dramatically soften your skin around the nails and will remove all the flakiness. It will also protect against causing any nail infection.

  1. Jojoba Oil for Hair – An Affordable Hair Mask to Remove Frizziness/Dandruff of the Hair

Jojoba oil does wonders if used in a pre-wash treatment, as it will strengthen the hair follicles which will reduce hair fall and provide you with nourished and strengthened hair.

It will also help you with the split ends, so you do not need to cut your hair. Moreover, it will add volume to your hair without frizziness. It is advised that you should apply jojoba oil twice a week to gain the best results. And rubbing it on your scalp will also help to remove dandruff.

  1. A Good Alternative for Medical Creams

Instead of using creams that include steroids for curing the skin conditions like psoriasis and Eczema, Jojoba oil can also be used as an alternative for treating these skin conditions.

Although the process will be slow, it will be natural, as it has anti-inflammatory properties in it as well.

  1. Affective for the Cold Sore

Jojoba oils consist of the ingredient, Docosanol, this ingredient is used in medicines as well for the treatment of cold sores.

Jojoba oil when applied tends to quickly mix with the skin’s natural sebum and helps to block the oxygen flow. It is one of the ways to treat a cold sore, as oxygen tends to flame up the virus.

Side Effects of Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of the safest oils for skincare, it does not have any harmful side effects. It does not irritate the skin when applied.

However, very rarely, in about 1-2% of cases, it can cause a rash. If you want to be extra cautious, you should have a patch test before applying it to your skin/ face.

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