Lipstick Shades Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Which Shade Should You Wear As Per Your Zodiac Sign? Read to Know.

Don’t you just hate being an air sign? If you’re a Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, or even a Sagittarius then you must know that our society is already too superficial, and making things worse is the fact that there are a lot of designers who make their collections based on what colour suits your zodiac.

Well, if this isn’t enough for you to be annoyed at some people then maybe the fact that they actually find a colour that fits your zodiac sign is.

We may not all agree on what colours look good on us but one thing we can confirm as true is that if some designers base their collections on certain tones, there’s really a shade made just for you.

Lipstick Shades and Zodiac Signs

Here are some colours you could wear depending on your zodiac sign:

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  • Aries

Blood red will fit you perfectly and this shade also represents your adventurous, enthusiastic and dominant personality. You’re passionate by nature and that’s why blood red is the perfect colour for an Aries woman.

  • Cancer

For a Cancerian lady, the best shade of lipstick is the one that looks like you’ve been eating red apples or strawberries. The rosy hue will make you look very healthy and full of life not to mention it fits your caring, perfectionist, and loving character.

  • Leo

The colour gold would be a great choice because it reflects the confidence you have inside out. Not only that, wearing gold makes you look like royalty so it shows how regal you are.

  • Virgo

Virgos are known for being critical of themselves and their surroundings which is why they need to wear a shade that can make them feel relaxed, secure, and peaceful. Green is the perfect colour since it reminds people of nature.

  • Libra

The colour that will best complement your look is none other than pink. Pink reflects girls’ happiness and cheerfulness so if you’re a Libran then go for this shade!

  • Scorpio

You can do no wrong with basics which is why black lipstick would be the perfect choice for this zodiac sign. Black will make you look more mysterious and it also shows how strong-willed, passionate, and determined you are.

  • Sagittarius

If staying in the basic tone isn’t your thing then blue will be a great choice instead. This colour is refreshing which makes Sagittarians look younger and healthier plus it’s the perfect shade for a woman who’s feeling a bit bored.

  • Capricorn

You have so many things to achieve in life which is why you need to wear a shade that’s really bold and powerful. Women with this zodiac sign should try wearing green lipstick because it represents ambition and power, just like how it is for a Capricorn woman.

  • Aquarius

If you want to look like a saviour or an angel then white is the colour for you. This hue will make it appear as if your heart is pure and innocent too so if you’re feeling benevolent go ahead and choose this shade!

  • Pisces

Being a dreamy Piscean, you’ll definitely stand out with any colour that represents imagination, fantasy, and creativity. That’s why you should wear blue lipstick to make your innocent side stand out more which is one of the reasons why other people love you.

  • Gemini

People with a Gemini zodiac sign are spontaneous and versatile. They love to experiment and if you are one, we would recommend bright and popping colours of lipstick shades for you.

  • Taurus

If you are a Taurus, working for nature is your favourite hobby. You are a fan of natural shades and colours. And so, lipstick shades like nudes or a dusty pink would definitely suit your personality.

Ladies with a Taurus star sign do not like much attention. This is why subtle lipstick shades work perfectly for them.


Here’s how you can rock the colour that fits your zodiac. You don’t know how lucky you are that some designers actually care about what will look good on you! Even if they base their collections based on horoscope things, it doesn’t mean this information is not true.

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So now, all you have to do is go to the nearest beauty store, look for the colour that you’re interested in, and try it out. Make sure to wear your confidence when doing this because it will help a lot if you let others see what’s inside of your character. After all, there are many things that can complement who you are so don’t ever doubt yourself!

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