How to Walk in High Heels Without Pain

Are your heels causing you immense pain? Here’s how you can enjoy a comfortable experience with your favourite shoes.

Do you love wearing heels but can’t bear the immense pain they bring in your life?

We understand that wearing heels is not as simple as a walk in the park. You always end up getting sore ankles and swollen feet after a day of staying in heels. Moreover, heels aren’t good for your arches and you are left in the pain all night.

However, regardless of the pain heels bring in our life, we can’t avoid them completely. Heels signify style, authority and so much confidence. Moreover, we have yet to come across a dress that hasn’t looked perfect with a great pair of heels.

Since you can’t throw all your heels out of your wardrobe, we have a solution for you. To avoid a painful experience with your heels, here are some tips and tricks to help you.

Walking in heels is a task but as long as you follow these tips, you won’t feel anything at all. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

7 Tricks to Walk in Heels Without Pain

These tricks will help you walk in your heels with comfort. Let’s take a look!

  1. Always Wear the Correct Size

There are so many people who tend to buy their footwear in a size smaller or bigger than their original size. While this may sound weird, a lot of women do this to feel comfortable. However, it isn’t the smartest thing to do.

If you are someone similar, change your habit. Choose the right size heels to make sure your feet are comfortably adjusted in your footwear. Moreover, this is also important to avoid any ingrown bunions or toenails.

  1. Add Cushion to Your Heels

Heels may feel a bit too hard to wear all day. However, you can insert footwear cushions to give your feet a comfortable setting.

These cushions support your feel muscles and absorb the pressure you may feel after walking in heels all day.

  1. Choose a Thick Sole

While you may find thin and long stilettos quite attractive, they are the worst and painful footwear to own. If you want to enjoy your heels with comfort and grace, choose a pair with a thicker base and a comfortable height. This is more essential for women who are on their feet 24/7.

  1. Choose Wedges

If you wear a heel because of its being, choose wedges for a comfortable experience. A chunky heel has a better stability and offers a stronger support to your body. If you want to avoid sprained ankles, wearing wedges over traditional heels is a perfect option.

  1. Wear Heels With Straps

If you didn’t know already, heels with extra straps offer a great balance and durability to your footwear. Moreover, they provide additional support to your feet for a better fit.

  1. Adjust Your Heel Placement

This is a very unknown fact however, it makes a lot of difference. Only wear shoes with heels placed right under your goat’s heel. Avoid shoes with heel placement at the back of your footwear.

  1. Give Yourself a Break

Wearing a heel all day isn’t easy at all. If you want to enjoy your money investment on the bundles of shoes you own, make sure to take breaks.

Take off your heels as soon as you get a work break. Or shift to comfortable footwear for some hours of the day. This way your feet will get enough time to rest before you can put them in your heels again.


If you love your heels but can’t enjoy them to the fullest, follow the tips above to avoid the pain they cause you. Make sure your heels match your foot size and are of a perfect thickness to support your feet and body.

Nothing makes a woman look stylish and sassy in a pair of great heels. If you want to look the same, make sure you invest in the right shoes.

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