Working From Home Tips: How to Stay Productive

Thanks to our working from home tips, work from home was never so productive before!

The global pandemic Corona, COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Almost everyone around the globe is staying at their homes and working from there. The pandemic is making us re-imagine workplaces and the future of work. Till we return to normalcy, we have to unlearn a lot of behaviours and styles of working. Work-from-home being one of the main changes in our lifestyle! The struggle of working from home is real

Staying at home doesn’t mean that people are off from work as well. The work is pretty much on. The lockdowns are not a holiday and people are running their businesses and jobs just as they were before except that they aren’t going to their office spaces. Although, schools and colleges are closed, online classes, lectures and assignments are as regular as they were before, the only difference being that everything is online now.

A lifestyle change can save your job

Some people have got used to the idea of working in a home environment while some are still struggling. It’s natural because not everyone is used to working from home, with their family around, hence their struggle is justified. You take your home environment as a place to relax and chill so it’s a task to stay productive. It takes time to get used to this new routine and this is why we have jotted down some easy lifestyle changes that you can make to get used to this idea of working from home. Since, we aren’t sure how long these lockdowns will last, and there is no way you are getting off from work or school anytime soon, it’s better to adapt to a few habits to make this period manageable and stress-free for yourself.

Here are 10 lifestyle tips that can help you survive this remote-working life, productively.

  1. Follow your office timings

First thing first, wake up on time like you would when you used to go to work. Working from home doesn’t mean that you should start work at noon. Wake up early and sleep early and in between try finishing your work tasks on time like you would do before.

  1. Make a strict schedule

Don’t postpone replying to all the unanswered emails to the next day just because there is no boss around you. Follow a fixed schedule. Things that need to be done today, must be done today. The assignments that need to get submitted on a fixed date, must be finished before the decided date. A strict schedule will only help you stay organized so that you don’t end up panicking more in an already panicked state we all are in.

  1. Decide a morning routine and stay loyal to it

To have a productive day, you need to start well. Start with a good breakfast and tea or juice to stay full and healthy. Don’t fill yourself with your quarantine snacks every morning. You can also start your morning with an exercise or yoga in your room to stay fresh all day. Since staying at home all day means no movement at all, eating light and exercising will help you to stay active all day.

  1. Dress up every day

You would never wear pajamas to work so why now? Your dressing can make a huge difference to your work productivity at home. Dress nicely every day before you start working. This gives a feeling of you still being at your office which helps the way your mind works in your working hours at home.

  1. Fix yourself an office space in your house for your work

No, this shouldn’t be your bedroom. Fix a place anywhere in your house other than your bedroom, where you can work from every day. If you have a work table and chair, then very well done but if you don’t have one, it’s okay too. Working from a sofa in your lounge is far better than working while sitting on your bed. Whichever space you choose, stay consistent and work from that spot every day until you start craving for a change.

  1. Tell people around to follow some rules when you are working

In Pakistan, where most of the people live in a joint family system, it’s hard to find yourself a space for work where there won’t be any interventions. The best thing is to put up some rules for your family members so that they do not interfere in your work routine at all. Keep your interaction with them as little as possible during your work hours at home so that you can achieve your work targets efficiently.

  1. Take breaks where you have to

Just like you did in your office, take breaks at home too to freshen up and catch up with people around you. Work gets boring without colleagues sitting around talking about various things, so take a break and call a friend or an office colleague to relax a bit before you proceed with your work again.

  1. Go out for a walk

As long as you aren’t in contact with people outside, you must take a walk in your vicinity to freshen up and stretch those legs that have been in one spot all day. This will help you to restart work with good energy.

  1. Appear in meetings and make sure you are heard

Over communicate with your office colleagues by appearing in meetings that aren’t as important. Make sure to put up your point of views as well so that your presence is heard and felt by everyone. It is important to make them feel that you are very much around and working hard as you used to when you were working from your office.

  1. End your work day with an activity

It is important to end your day with a habit that represents the closing of your workday. It can be anything from a short walk or an exercise or simply tuning to your favorite show. It can be anything that signals your mind that that’s the end of your working hours. This will give you a Kickstart for your next productive day.

Don’t let this lockdown slow you down!

These tips will not only help you with your work productivity but will also ensure that you live a disciplined and organized lifestyle so that this lockdown doesn’t get frustrating and boring. You are lucky if you have work in these times of recession. Take this as a blessing and work hard to make a mark!

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