Eye Care Tips That Put the Focus on Eye Health

Save your twinkling eyes by following these simple yet most valuable eye beauty tips ever.

Putting on makeup has majorly become a daily practice among women now. Thanks to YouTubers bloggers and vloggers, girls who previously had no clue how to hold a brush and now a pro when it comes to applying makeup. It’s good to see how the makeup market is flourishing but it’s sad to know that no brand or makeup ambassador is seen to focus on Eye Health which might be affected by all the makeup produced and used daily. You can easily find an article written on beauty tips for girls but no one openly talks about eye beauty tips for eye health.

We all know that all the major makeup products like mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation and concealer are applied around the eye area and how they can contribute towards irritation, infection and even eye damage when safety isn’t taken into account. Your eyes are one of the sensitive parts of your body and taking care of them is essential. So taking into account this gap exists in the making world, we have created a list of eye beauty tips that focus on eye health and its importance. Read on if you really care about your nice, bright eyes!

Eye beauty tips to save your eyes from everything bad

Clean hands before applying makeup

We always clean our hands before praying or eating so why not before applying our makeup? Never touch your eyes with unwashed hands. If you wear lenses, clean your hands with water and then with a solution to make sure they are bacteria free.

Make sure your face and eyes are properly cleaned

Clean your eyes and face with a nice face wash before you apply any makeup. Eye health requires you to have clear eyes with no mascara or kajal staying overnight.

Change your eye makeup products after every six months

Makeup has a shelf life so avoid using makeup for eyes or any other part of the face, beyond its shelf life.

Eye beauty tip to save your eyes

Always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eye. This prevents in blocking the oil glands of the upper or lower eyelid.

Sharp objects are not for your eyes

Avoid using sharp objects to fix your eyelashes that might be clamped by using mascara. You don’t want to get your eyes scratched or get hurt by a simple mistake.

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Glitter makeup is fantastic but requires lots of safety

Be safe with metallic, glitter or glitter powder. Flakes can fall into the eye and can cause irritation in your eyes. Glitter eye makeup is a common cause of eye infection and people who wear eye lenses should take special care.

Don’t share, buy your own!

If you like someone’s mascara or kajal, don’t use theirs. Buy your own! Makeup isn’t something that you should be sharing.

New applicators with new makeup products, please!

Never use old applicators for new makeup. Saving money is not always beneficial. You might like the old applicator but see the new one is clean and never used and there is nothing better than that.

While removing eye makeup, follow the following eye beauty tips to avoid any pain, infection or hassle.

  • Avoid your eye remover from getting into your eyes
  • Use Vaseline or baby shampoo as the most effective and affordable makeup removers of all time.
  • Use tear free soaps to clean your eyes and properly rinse your eyes with lots of water.
  • Exfoliation scrubs and cleansers can cause extreme irritation if used around the eye area. Limit their usage away from the eye area.

Your eyes are your most valuable property. Don’t ruin them or kill their light by avoiding the above eye beauty tips. Keep yourself safe and have a happy makeup experience, always.

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