How to Grow Your Eyelashes Faster

Long eyelashes are in fashion. There is no doubt that they help to enhance the beauty and facial features of both men and women. Gone are the days when we just used to increase the volume of our eyelashes using thick, dark mascara. Mascara is still in and one of the most favourite makeup products of a big percentage of women but it is a temporary and not enough fulfilling solution to get thick and long eyelashes.

Want to get praised for your thick and long eyelashes? Worry not because we are here to help you grow your eyelashes in no time.

Why are your eyelashes not growing as fast as you want them to?

Do you know that your eyelashes become soft and weak when you use products like mascara regularly? There are also medicated eye drops that some people use but in return, these drops dry out the hair and sometimes also cause the lashes to break.

Also, research has proven that people who rub their eyes frequently end up having broken eyelashes. So stop doing that if you do that already.

Different ways to get long eyelashes

There are two ways in which you can get your desired long eyelashes. The easiest and the quickest method is to get false eyelashes. There are various kinds of long eyelashes available almost everywhere now. You can get yourself 3D eyelashes or magnetic eyelashes within minutes without any hassle. The other way is to go all natural and If you’re someone who is over the maintenance and upkeep of falsies, then going natural with your eyelashes will definitely suit you. There are oils, serums and various home remedies available that can make your lashes grow longer and stronger. Although going natural will cost you time, it is highly effective and the results are long lasting.

Tips That Put the Focus on Eye Health

We won’t take sides though. In this article, we will discuss both artificial and natural methods that will help you to grow your eyelashes faster because different people have different preferences.

How To Grow Your Eyelashes Faster

There are a number of hacks and home remedies that are worth trying before you look for an artificial medication available to grow your eyelashes. These methods take time to produce, but it is guaranteed that they can give you your fluffiest lashes yet.

So if you are into strong and long lashes and want to give them an extra oomph, here are some natural ways that can help you grow your eyelashes faster.

  1. Olive Oil

It is a well-known fact that olive oil has so many benefits. One of its benefits is that it can improve the length of your eyelashes and can make them strong. Olive oil is rich in fatty acids that moisturize and softens the eyelashes.

The easiest and the most convenient way to apply these oils is to get disposable mascara brushes and dip them into the oil, then brush the oil onto your lashes.

  1. Vitamin E Oil

You must have heard various bloggers talking about Vitamin E oil these days. This is because this oil is considered quite beneficial for various reasons including long eyelashes. It promotes stronger and moisturized eyelashes in no time. You can mix this oil with castor oil or coconut oil. It is safe to use on your hair and skin as well as providing you don’t have any allergies.

  1. Comb Your Eyelashes

This is pretty much known but brushing out your eyelashes is a great way to make them appear longer and to promote growth. There is no science to back up this idea but many makeup artists brush the eyelashes to make them appear longer.

  1. Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is considered a great moisturizer and enhancer for your eyelashes. It is also safe to massage the corners of your eyes with coconut oil. Coconut oil prevents your hair from protein loss thus making them grow faster.

The application of oil is very easy. All you have to do is simply pick up a little bit on your fingertips, rub it into your fingers and then rub your eyelashes. This will easily transfer oil to your eyelashes and you will see them strengthening with time.

  1. Castor Oil for eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelashes is considered so helpful in keeping your eyelashes moisturized and causing them to appear fuller, dark and more lush. It is also one of the most common ingredients you’ll find in almost all kinds of eyelash serums available.

Just like you did with the rest of the oil, either uses a mascara brush or your fingers to gently apply the oil on your eyelashes for effective results in a short time period.

  1. Green Tea

Okay, this might be a little surprising for you but putting a bit of cold green tea along your lash line helps in promoting eyelash growth. Green tea is packed with antioxidants so it is great for your overall body that also including your eyelashes.

Apply a bit of cooled, steeped tea along your lash line and see it work out its wonders for growing your lashes.

Fake Eyelashes for the rescue!

So these were all kinds of natural oils and serums that can get you long eyelashes in some time but what if you need long eyelashes now, this very moment and you can’t wait a whole month? Well, for that all you can do is get yourself 3D eyelashes or magnetic eyelashes. Fake eyelashes are great in a way that they are easy to apply and give a result that is not completely but somewhat similar to natural eyelashes.

Magnetic eyelashes are very similar to 3D eyelashes in shape and size and can be used 25 times if handled properly. They are comfortable to wear and don’t irritate your eyes, unlike fake eyelashes that use glue to stick. So if you are invited to a dinner today, head over to a cosmetic store near you and buy a pair of magnetic eyelashes to complete your look for today.

The choice is yours!

Natural or fake? Which method would you choose to grow your eyelashes? Remember, whichever method you choose, make sure to be consistent and correct with the procedure, even if it’s putting fake eyelashes correctly. No method is wrong so choose what suits you because in the long run, what you want is long, thick and beautiful eyelashes for which the method you choose doesn’t matter.

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