Benefits of Avocado Oil in Skin and Hair Care

Avocados are greenish-yellow fleshy fruits that belong to the family of Lauraceae, which is a tree native to the western hemisphere of South Mexico and goes all the way to Andean regions in South America. Avocados are also referred to as Alligator pears because their rough skin is similar to the hides of our everglade beasts of the swamps. Avocados are also called Fuerte which in Spanish means ‘Strong’. They were the first commercially produced breeds. This variety is named because it was capable of surviving in freezing temperatures.

Extraction of Avocado Oil

Avocados possess immense importance as the fruit itself but its oil is a great antidote to skin and health diseases. Avocado oil is extracted through a mechanical extraction process similar to olive oil extraction. It involves using fully ripe Avocados to recover the oil by removing its skin and seeds. After this, the flesh is grounded to paste and then malaxed for about 45-60 minutes under the temperature of 45-50°C. Increasing the temperature aids in the refining process of the oil but it does not affect the quality of the oil. The oil and water phases are separated from the pulp using a high-speed decanting centrifuge and in the end stage, the water is removed from the oil in the final polishing centrifuges. Following recommended standards of extraction, it is proposed that the maximum PV (Present Value) of 4 meq/kg is achieved for extra virgin oil.

Is Avocado Oil Beneficial on Skin?

Apart from the fact that Avocado oil serves as the best tool for cooking flavourful and healthy meals, it is considered an excellent source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. But is it beneficial to apply this delicious fruit to our skin?

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The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents in avocado oil help maintain smoothness, strength and elasticity in our skin. A few common skin problems using avocado oil are cured like:

  • Itchiness in skin
  • Chapped skin
  • Dryness in skin
  • UV radiation exposure
  • Damage to the skin

Numerous researches have been carried out and documented that state the importance of natural oils like avocado oil. It is suggested that it works best if the oil is mixed with some other agents like our favourite skin enhancing creams.

The useful nutrients that are abundantly found in Avocado oil, like protein, vitamins and fatty acids help moisturize your skin. It further gives full protection from the Ultraviolet radiations that are extremely harmful to your skin. Moreover, it helps increase the collagen (a structural protein found in our skin) metabolism.

According to a study, it was found that the skin creams which constitute the addition of avocado oil along with other vital components like the tea tree have positive antimicrobial effects.

The main benefits of avocado oil are to soothe or calm skin or even add moisture to it. Sometimes Avocado oils are used in healing wounds. But research is still being carried out on animals and are yet to be tested on humans for optimal results.

Procedure to Use Avocado Oil on Skin

Avocado oil can be a part of our daily skincare routine in many ways. You can massage the oil on your skin, rub it on your face like a mask or can even be used inside your shower every day for many weeks without having any adverse effects. There are some following ways it can be used effectively to produce positive results.

  • As a lotion for chapped skin
  • As a facial oil moisturizer for damaged or dry skin
  • As a homemade mask
  • As an anti-aging skin cream

How is Avocado Oil So Healthy?

Avocado is not only healthy but flavourful to our foods. It can be used as an alternative to other cooking oils, butter or margarine. The oleic acid present in the avocado oil makes it highly resistant to oxidation which means that it’s unable to go rancid like other essential oils on our shelves.

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But the benefits of Avocado oil are not restricted to the kitchen only

  • Avocado oil is high in monounsaturated fats hence making it low in cholesterol. If added to the human diet can lower low density lipids (LDL). Also very essential to diabetic patients.
  • Avocado oil being anti-inflammatory helps prevent the damage to arterial walls hence reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  • Avocado oil is rich in omega 9 EFA that is also present in olive oil. It therefore prevents cancer as avocados are well-known as anti-carcinogens which slow down the growth of cancer cells in the body, specifically those causing breast or colon cancers.
  • The same nutrients that feed our skin also feed our hair. Avocado oil shampoos when applied to our scalp can improve structural balance of our existing hair. Resulting in no further hair loss.
  • Avocado oil is thick and packed with nutrients making you feel fuller longer. Scientists believe that it improves digestion, helping us to process food down more efficiently. Also it improves the blood flow to the muscles during exercise which stimulates weight loss.

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Final Words

Avocado oil is an essential oil highly rich in lubricants distilled from the aromatic parts of the plants such as roots or leaves. Essential oil evaporates easily and produces strong scents that revitalize your body. Avocado oils are manufactured commercially making them a household product having long-lasting effects on humans.

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