Blow Dry

A Flawless Blow Dry at Home for Shiny and Bouncy Hair

When you think of styling your hair in the most humdrum and simple way, nothing comes to mind other than getting those blow dryers out of your cabinet to blow dry hair. But have you realised that like any other tool that uses heat, blow dryers can cause severe damage to your hair strands if used in the wrong way? The major damage that blow dryers can cause include extreme dryness and breakage. That is definitely not something you want your hair to go through but then you can’t run to a professional every other day to get a hair blow dry at a beauty salon. This definitely is not a solution but booking hair salon services at Ghar Par will work wonders for you. How?

Service Price
Blowdry Rs. 1500

Hair rescue? Call GharPar!

A blow dry at home from a professional is an ideal scenario and ladies this option does exist! GharPar is your hair care solution and it will take care of everything such as bringing a high quality blow dryer, clean hair brushes, section hair pins and clips and even an extension cord for a perfect blow dry at home.

There are so many tiny details that count and can lead to a blow dry of your dreams. Some of these elements are, blow-drying from root to tip, sectioning your hair perfectly, the right blow dryer temperature setting and drying your ends correctly. All these factors might sound so simple but they result in great blunders if neglected completely.

GharPar technicians will make sure that none of the above elements is taken for granted. In addition to that, the best thing about having a hair blow dry at home is that you don’t have to worry about leaving your house at all. Manage your house while GharPar sorts your hair!

Choose the blow dry hair service of your choice

To book an appointment with GharPar, you simply need to download the app, book your blowdry, choose your date and time and then sit back and relax. The technician will arrive at your desired time and will have a short consultation session with you regarding what type of blowdry you would like. From volume, straight, inwards or outwards – GharPar has you covered! You can also get a blow dry at home service with your party makeup service Won’t you agree that it doesn’t get better than this? Place a booking now and enjoy the comfort and love we aim to offer you through our services.