Hair Care & Treatment

Walk with confidence with a good hair day, everyday!

Our hair is often seen as a strong part of our existence because it is personal and also very public. The majority of women in Pakistan feel that bad hair day is a bad day. When a woman faces too much hair fall, extreme frizz or just premature greying her self-esteem gets seriously affected. This strong personal relationship between hair and self-confidence is pretty much evident throughout history, philosophy and even religion. Freedom, liberation, identity, confidence are just a few of the things hair has symbolized for women throughout time.

Service Price
Hot Oil & Head Massage (15 mins) Rs. 1000
Hot Oil & Shoulder Massage (30 mins) Rs. 1500
Organic Protein Treatment + Massage (10 mins) Rs. 1500

GharPar for the best women hair services

Hair care and treatment are as crucial and vital as taking care of any other part of your body but women take it for granted because who has the time to go to a hair beauty salon and spend thousands every month. This is an absolute truth which is why to fill up this gap in the beauty industry, GharPar was initiated. GharPar aims to provide at home hair services with the help of home hair stylists who know what they are doing. GharPar is a mobile hair salon which means your hairstylists and hair experts will walk to your home to provide you with one of the best women hair services that you have wished for.

Choose your preferred hair treatments from the GharPar app

There are a number of treatments and hair care services mentioned on the GharPar app that you can choose from and book an appointment for the day and time you like. Your home hairstylist from GharPar is well-trained to provide a range of services, they are trained from blowdrys to organic protein treatment for hair, hair colouring and much more.

Who needs hair care treatment?

There are so many hair care treatments that you can comfortably enjoy through this hair salon home service. The treatments include organic protein treatment, hair dye, hot oil massage, haircut for women, root touching etc. But the question arises do I need a hair care treatment? We have made your life simpler, if your hair falls in one of the categories below then you should be getting hair care treatments regularly, because “Love is in the Hair”!

  • Hair with high porosity/ Hair damage
    Such hair contains tears and gaps in the strands of hair that make it more susceptible to hair damage. The gaps absorb too much water causing hair to become frizzy
  • Limp hair
    Limp hair is a sign of lack of protein in your hair
  • Hair with a loss of elasticity
    Elasticity in your hair helps in maintaining the style of your hair and adds bounce to your hair. Loss of elasticity causes breakage in hair
  • Recently coloured hair
    The formula of the hair colour actually can change the texture of your hair. If you colour your hair enough times, the bonds of the hair can break causing split ends and damage to the hair. Protein treatment for hair can reduce hair breakage and restore hair shine.

Love your hair every single day!

Now, let’s be honest! Isn’t GharPar everything you want and have always dreamed about? Comfort is our priority and that is what we achieve with our extraordinary hair care services. No excuses now! Take care of your hair with GharPar and love yourself every day.