Face Polishing

Let your face shine and glow with this exfoliating combination under your own roof

We all know and understand facials and how they are so good for our skin, cell growth and blood circulation. A facial is an age-old tradition of eastern cultures in which the facial skin polish was nourished with ingredients, ranging from fruits, vegetables and masks. As the skin industry developed so did the products, such as the skin polisher! This combination is still new to many people as face polish in Pakistan hasn’t been for long but those who know and have tried are completely in love with this treatment of skin polishing facial and its benefits.

Service Price
Face Polisher Rs. 2000
Face Polisher + Cleanser Rs. 2700
Dermaclear Facial with Skin Polisher Rs. 3600
Janssen Whitening Facial Rs. 4500
Janssen Whitening Facial with Polisher Rs. 5500

Face Polish Treatment – How does a skin polishing facial work?

Now what is a face polish treatment and how does it blend in with a traditional facial procedure? Take face or skin polish treatment as a delicious way to pamper your skin so that it can shine with health and make you look all khoobsurat and glowing. Face polishing is a kind of exfoliation where scrubbing and massaging are used to moisturize your skin and remove the dead cells.

Facial with face polisher helps eradicate dryness from your face and make your skin look and feel soft and silky. It also acts as a cleanser by removing oil and dirt from your face. A rejuvenating face polish treatment with facial helps in increasing the blood circulation which is so important for your body, mind and soul.

If you can’t handle it, call GharPar without thinking twice!

You can easily try out face polishing at home if you have and know the right products and your skin. But if you are not an expert it’s too risky to do face polishing at home. The reason is that sometimes the skin is so sensitive that face polishing might lead to severe itching and redness which might scare you. To save yourself from this hassle, GharPar provides a soothing and effective facial with face polisher experience under your own roof.

Get Skin Polisher Services at Home

GharPar has the tools, the right products and trained technicians to do this job just right. GharPar offers various kinds of facial at home treatment that you can choose from. There is Dermaclear facial with the skin polisher. This facial treatment uses Dermaclear products that are known for their amazing results. Another popular facial treatment with polisher is the Thalgo facial. Thalgo uses the riches of the sea, allowing you to re-balance and revitalise different skin types. It helps bring the glow that your face deserves.

There is then Janssen whitening facial with polisher. This facial treatment is great for whitening and brightening your skin.

Once you have chosen your facial treatment and booked an appointment, the expert beautician will arrive at your place carrying all the things required for skin polishing facial. She will make sure that all the products used on your skin aren’t hurting by asking you at least two to three times to confirm any itching or discomfort.

You may experience redness in your skin for some time but it goes away in a few hours. Do not get skin polis treatment done on the day you have to attend an event or occasion. It is always wise to make an appointment with GharPar a day or two in advance.

Have Luminous skin with GharPar Facial Services

A facial with a face polisher is a luxurious treatment. It is luxurious in its experience and that is what you and your body want. Thanks to GharPar, it is also very affordable and a totally paisa wasool treatment. Treat yourself with this valuable procedure right before eid and let everyone praise you for your flawless, shiny face.