Janssen Whitening Facial

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Before we get into this article, here are a few questions that you must ask yourself. How much do you value your skin especially your face? Do you believe that your face goes through a lot every day and is the most exposed part of your body? Do you think you are doing enough to take care of your face by making sure it remains clean and smooth all day? Do you fear that your skin, in the future, won’t last as young and healthy as it is now? Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly.

Service Price
Janssen Whitening Facial Rs. 3800
Janssen Whitening Facial with Polisher Rs. 4500

We, as women, get so busy in our everyday lives that when it comes to our health and beauty, we almost forget that we are humans too. That’s a sad truth but definitely not something that we should follow and definitely something that we must change.

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Your skin, if you are a home-maker, goes through lots of heat in the kitchen every day. Your face gets exposed to lots of dust particles that are highly harmful for your skin as well as your overall immune system. ‘Bachon ke baad apne liye time nahin houta’ is something you totally believe in right?

If you happen to be a working woman, you are exposed to heat and sunlight every day. If you travel through public transport, you experience heat and pollution all in a few hours, every single day. ‘Kaam ke baad himmat nahi houti apna khayal rakhne ki’ is something you love telling yourself, right?

Janssen Whitening Facial is your perfect facial treatment ever

Let me make this clear, these are all excuses and that you can always treat your skin with amazing facial without struggling or leaving your home at all. GharPar provides the best Janssen whitening facial for women as well as Derma clear facial who love good service and effective facial treatment.

What is a Janssen Facial?

Janssen facial is a maximum of two hours experience of a highly soothing and comforting treatment under your own roof. Janssen whitening facial at home is great for every skin type. The products used in Janssen whitening facial are highly renowned and used globally by famous beauty experts. Janssen Facial helps exfoliate your skin and open all the pores that have been blocked by thousands of dust particles. This facial makes your skin feel fresh, young and healthy and there is nothing more you want right now.

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Now, before you start looking for more baseless excuses to skip this facial treatment by GharPar, book an appointment through the GharPar app right now. After a Janssen whitening facial, we guarantee that you will ask for more of this facial every month. You are Queen and deserve everything great.