How to Figure Out What’s Causing Your Body Odor

Say no to body odor this summer with our simple tips

How to Beat Body Odor?

Summer is here and just like us, you must also be excited this year, because winter 2020 was definitely unbearable and surprisingly very cold. We love everything about summers, the sunshine, the vibe, lawn dresses, swimming, and cold beverages but there is one thing we hate about summers, unfortunately, the fear of smelling bad.

A person’s body smell defines their personality. Most people even judge the other person by the way he or she smells which we are not in favour of but in reality, a person’s body odor does define his or her lifestyle and habits.

What is body odor?

Body odor is a bad smell that our body releases when we sweat. The source of this smell is the bacteria that usually live in our bodies and convert sweat into certain acids. This process of conversion leads to this unpleasant smell which everyone labels as body odor.

Body odor is a common problem for people who are in their puberty stage and if not taken care of at an early stage, the odor causing bacteria and gets worse with time. People who are overweight and are into spicy food, also go through this odor issue. Some medical problems in certain individuals can also result in making their bodies smell bad for a long period of time.

How Do You Beat Dehydration in the Summer?

Blood pressure and diabetes are two very common health issues and people who suffer from these problems usually complain of their body sweating and releasing unpleasant smells all the time.

Funny thing is, that sweat itself doesn’t have a smell. It is odorless but the bacteria that breaks down this sweat into acids release a certain kind of smell which ends up becoming quite unbearable.

Which parts smell bad the most?

The most common body areas that end up smelling bad because of body odor are the armpits, feet, belly button, anus and feet. Every person has their own individual and specific body odor and the intensity of smell is usually determined by gender, diet and health of that person. Although sometimes it’s not possible to control body odor because of various factors, there are many ways in which we can prevent and also reduce the intensity of smell our body releases after we sweat. Below are some of the ways that can help you take control over your body odor, coming from different parts of your body, for a long period of time.

How To reduce foot odor?

When we exercise or jog, our feet, which are mostly covered with socks and shoes, prevent the sweat from evaporating. No evaporation means that a large amount of sweat remains inside our feet and the bacteria on our skin get a chance to convert lots of sweat into lots of acids. The smell then released through this process is also quite a lot and pretty concentrated. Most of the time the pungent smell remains inside until and unless you decide to take off your shoes. Once you do the latter, it becomes difficult for anyone else to stay in the same room. To avoid or prevent this from happening, there are ways you can follow to make your feet odorless even after vigorous exercise.

Make sure you wash your feet twice every day. Use warm water to wash them and dry them up properly before covering them with socks or shoes. Dry feet can cause fungus to build on your feet which are also one of the reasons your feet might be smelling bad.

Wear clean socks every day. Some people are in a habit of wearing a pair of socks two days in a row before taking them off. This isn’t right. Your feet must be able to breathe and they won’t be able to do that in a single unclean pair every day. Also, make sure that you wear cotton socks. They let the sweat evaporate. Socks made up of material with less fiber absorb the sweat which makes them smell bad after some time.

When it comes to shoes, try choosing ones that come with leather lining. Leather lining makes it easy for sweat to evaporate. Shoes with a plastic lining such as trainers must be taken off as soon as their job is done. They don’t let the sweat leave the shoes easily. Also, make sure you don’t wear a single pair two times in a row. Let your shoes dry up from all the sweat before it does take a day at least for a shoe to be sweat-free.

You can always use special deodorants to treat your foot odor. Apply deodorant every morning before covering your feet with shoes. You can also reapply in the middle of the day. For treating fungal infections, use a proper ointment advised by your skin specialist.

How To reduce armpit odor?

Apocrine glands release a lot of sweat and a large number of these glands are present around your armpits which means that armpits are one of the most common areas of body odor development. Below are some of the ways that can help you control body odor coming from your armpits.

  1. Make sure your armpits are clean. Wash them properly during a bath. Use an antibacterial body wash or soap for your underarms and make sure to clean them up at least twice a day.
  2. Use wax or a razor to remove hair under your arms. Hair on armpits absorbs sweat and gives a surface for bacteria to sit on for a long time. More hair under your arms, more chances of your armpits smelling bad. Keep them clean and shave off your hair every week.
  3. Make deodorants your best friends. Keep them in your bag all the time. Apply them whenever you feel your body needs a touch of good smell.

How To reduce your overall body odor?

To control your overall body odor follow the below steps:

  1. Take a bath with warm water every day. Clean up areas that you don’t usually touch. In summer, you can always choose to shower twice a day. Use an antibacterial soap to kill every kind of odor-causing bacteria sitting on your skin.
  2. Choose appropriate clothes for your body. Silk and nylon cause smell as they prevent sweat from evaporating. Go for cotton and airy fabrics in summer so that your body can breathe.
  3. If you are consuming too much spicy and oil food, stop right now. For the sake of smelling food, cut down on your spice intake and drink as much water as possible.
  4. Keep yourself under room temperature as much as you can. Do not walk under the sun unnecessarily. Sit in a room with air conditioning if you have an option too.

Smell good to feel good. Take care of your body like it’s all you have. In case of excessive sweating, do go see a doctor and get a treatment done as soon as possible.

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