Why Do I Get Swollen Eyes in the Morning? Causes & Treatments

Tired of having a swollen eye every morning? Find out what causes it and how you can treat it on time.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? The majority of the people would say that they go to the loo to freshen up after they wake up. Yes, that’s true and your loo definitely has a mirror where you look at yourself, every morning before you wash your face or brush your teeth. When you glance at yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning, you probably have noticed a swollen eye or a bit of swollen eyelid. The swelling makes your eyes look puffy which gives the impression that you have been beaten up by an enemy while you were asleep. Well, that’s not the case, obviously.

Reasons behind your swollen eyes in the morning

There are many reasons behind what causes a swollen eyes in the morning. Sometimes the swelling just goes after an hour or so but there are times when it gets dragged for a day or two. If you find yourself in the latter state, try to consult a doctor and get yourself checked. Here are a few reasons that explain why you get a swollen eye when you wake up in the morning.

You might be suffering from an eye allergy:

This is the most common cause. An allergy caused by an allergen you might have been exposed to can cause irritation and swelling. Sometimes allergies vanish on their own but there are times when you start getting a red eye followed by itching and pain. It’s better to consult a doctor if these symptoms start to appear.

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Pink eye is the second most common cause:

Pink eye is usually caused by viruses and bacteria. The symptoms include eyes closed together by mucus and swollen eyelids followed by itchiness and redness.

If you suffer from thyroid issues then swelling in the eye might be a common problem:

A person suffering from thyroid problems often faces swelling in the eyelids every morning. This can also lead to a reduction in eye movement and double vision.

Many people face swelling in the eye caused by a stye:

Inflammation in the glands of the eyelids is the reason behind an eye stye. A stye is like a red bump that makes your eyes watery and puffy. If you suffer from a stye, it’s important to clean your eyes with warm water for at least a week to get rid of the itchiness.

Crying and stress all night can cause puffy eyes:

If you have cried yourself to sleep, you most definitely will wake up to swollen eyes in the morning. This is because your emotional tears are less salty and more watery than normal tears. The excess water, through osmosis, moves into the salty tissues in the eyes causing them to swell up.

Your makeup can be your enemy :

As much as you don’t want this to be true, it is a fact that sometimes some liners or eyeshadow don’t work well for your skin and can cause unnecessary swelling and irritation. If you feel that your liner or your mascara is causing you harm, throw it out right away. Your eyes are far more important!

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Amazingly, you might just not have any of the above and still have a swollen eye because maybe you just overslept.

Treatments to cure your swollen eyelid

The causes might vary for different people and some may require a doctor to get it fixed while there are cases that can just get sorted at home. Here are a few basic home treatments that you can do to treat your swollen eye:

  1. Use cucumber on your eyes

Cucumbers and tea bags help reduce the swelling caused overnight. Make sure your cucumber is chilled. Keep the slices of chilled cucumber on your eyelids and practice this every morning for 10 minutes straight.

  1. Apply tea bags to reduce swelling

Tea bags have caffeine and it is said that caffeine penetrates the eye and helps reduce swelling. If you plan to use tea bags on your swollen eyelid, make sure they are wet and refrigerated for 30 minutes before you put them on your eye for a minimum of 20 minutes.

  1. An eye massage can work wonders

Sometimes the eye gets swollen because it somehow hasn’t received blood and oxygen to function properly. To accelerate blood circulation to the swollen area, massage your eyes with your fingers.

  1. Eye cooling gels are great too

Eye cooling gels can help with inflammation. You can use a roller to apply the gel gently on your eyelids.

  1. Use eye drops

If you are suffering from a bacterial infection, it’s always right to use good and recommended eye drops. Before you use an eye drop, make sure to consult your doctor first and take his approval. Some eye drops don’t work for people who wear contact lenses so it is always good to remove your lenses before using the drops.

  1. If you have a style, use warm water to wash it off

A stye can cause mucus that can stick your eyes together and can cause swelling. In order to clear your eyes with all the mucus, use a towel and soak it in warm water. Then gently rub the towel on your eye. The warm water will help clean your eyes and reduce the swelling. Do this every day for a week, at least.

  1. Moisturise your eyes

Moisturising always does wonders. Every night, before you go to bed, clean and moisturise your eyes so no bacteria or virus can get the chance to stay on your skin and cause any damage.

Your eyes are precious, keep them well!

A swollen eye isn’t a wonderful thing to have, so it’s always better to take it seriously and treat it well. If somehow, you think that the swelling isn’t under your control, rush to see an eye specialist and get it fixed. Your eyes are precious so take care of them.

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