How to Make Your Skin Glow Naturally at Home

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Sitting at home all day can be very frustrating at times. Although social distancing is saving us from the harmful effects of corona, it is also building anxiety and depression in people. Mental and physical health is being affected and the first thing that gets attacked by staying in all day is your skin.

Your skin gets affected the most

Your skin is the very first organ that starts showing symptoms when things start getting wrong with your body. Acne, dryness and breakouts all around your skin are the most common signs of damaged skin. The reasons behind all this are a change in the air, your physical activity, a change in your regular diet and also the depression of staying away from your social circle for a long.

We have no control over corona yet and this social distancing might last for another month but what we have is full power over how we can keep our skin healthy while we are in quarantine. To take the front seat here and make sure your skin stays the same as before, follow our simple healthy skin tips and lifestyle changes by using the simplest and most affordable things you have under your roof.

Simple Yet Effective Tips for Glowing Skin.

Keep a check on your stress levels

Although this situation is quite disturbing, you can always choose to keep yourself away from stressing out as much as you can. As they say, stress can’t change anything, it’s better to look out for things that can divert your mind for a long. Stress welcomes acne and unwanted breakouts, so it’s always good not to allow this situation to play with your mind in a negative way. Read books, adopt a new hobby or watch Netflix, the choice is yours.

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Keep yourself hydrated all-day

We understand that because of lack of activity and staying in one place, won’t make you feel thirsty, and you might forget to consume enough water. This can have a negative effect on your skin because hydration is important to keep your skin healthy. Water makes your skin feel soft and look glowing. Eight ounce glasses of water every day can help you combat all the skin issues that you might be going through during this lockdown.

Exercising daily is essential for a healthy skin


You need to sweat once every day to make sure your skin stays soft and bright even under quarantine. To put it simply, exercise regularly. You don’t need to be in the parks to exercise or in a gym to lose some weight. Exercise can take place even when you are in your home. Do some planks and squats right after you wake up. Find an hour every day for yoga and meditation. There is nothing better than keeping good blood flow in your body.

Eat Healthy

What goes inside you have an effect on your outside. Make sure to take all your vitamins and minerals daily. Fruits and vegetables are as important for your skin as meat or fish. Eat a balanced diet. Consumption of yogurt on a daily basis will smooth down your skin to a great extent and will also treat any acne. Stay away from junk or oily foods for a while. Take this quarantine opportunity to polish your cooking skills.

Moisturise Daily

There is so much time you have every day so make sure you spend 10 to 15 minutes, moisturising your skin. Use moisture, already available in your home, and some cotton balls to clear off any dirt or grime you might have on your skin. Moisturising also opens skin pores which help your skin breath. Practice this tip, before bedtime so that your skin can rest afterwards.

Home-made facial masks are a treat

Have you tried making a face mask at home ever? There is nothing better than a homemade mask that is made from things available in your house, preservative-free and extremely cheap.

Mix a spoon of yogurt, a half spoon of honey and just a little bit of lemon juice together to prepare a face mask that will not only soften your skin but will also clear it and make it glow for a long time.

Also, you can use a spoon of grounded coffee and mix it with honey and lemon juice and put the paste on your face to get an amazing face mask. Keep the mask on for 20 minutes before you wash it off with warm water.

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A banana and yogurt mask with honey is also what most people love to apply to their skins. Mash a banana in yogurt and a little bit of honey, to create a thick paste. Apply the paste on your face like you put a mask on. Keep it on for 15 minutes before you wash the mask off with warm water.

There are so many homemade masks that you can find in different articles.

Take steam

Do you know that taking steam every day is so helpful for clearing up dust and grime from your pores? It helps open up your pores so that your skin can breath. It is also considered a good precautionary measure to stay away from corona so why not practice it daily? Heat up warm water in a steamer or a bowl, if you don’t have the former. Keep your face at least a meter away and let the steam coming out of the boiling water cure and moisturize your skin. It’s so soothing, refreshing and does wonders with your skin.

Sleep enough

Take your eight hours of sleep every night. There is nothing that sleep can’t heal. Sleep and take a break from all your worries.

sleep enough

This lockdown period isn’t a punishment but a way to protect ourselves from the unknown enemy. Take this as an opportunity to take care of your health and well-being so that when this is over you can walk out with fresh skin and a confident attitude.

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