Quarantine Beauty Tips: Different Ways You Can Get Rid of Facial Hair at Home

Read away to find out ways to treat your facial hair issues while in quarantine!

We are all aware of the fact that our country is in lockdown and there is no single salon or home-based beauty service available to help us sort out our growing eyebrows and our undesirable upper lips hair. There is no one out there to help you get rid of unwanted hair on your chin, nose, ears or your forehead. Having hair all over your face for a long time, is not a sight you wish anyone to see, not even yourself. Already cut off from the world and then this added misery of looking like a hairy beast all the time must definitely be making your quarantine life a hell.

Kill away all your problems with your looks and confidence

To be honest, the way you feel and look helps build confidence inside you which is enough to win over any obstacle that life throws on you. This quarantine life is a very depressing obstacle and we aren’t even sure how long it will last. So, it’s really up to us to make ourselves used to it by getting ready and looking good, every day just like we used to do before.

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So, our first step must be to get rid of all our facial hair while we are at home so that we can get our smooth and silky face back. Here are a few easy ways that can do this job perfectly well.

Use tweezers to sort out your eyebrows

Fixing up your eyebrows might be the toughest thing to do without a professional around because you have to make sure that you pluck all the extra hair without ruining the shape of your Eyebrows. But as long as your eyebrows are neat and they don’t lose their shape in the process, you are good. Use a tweezer, that must be available on your house because it’s a basic thing and sometimes also comes free with various eyebrow pallets, to pluck all those unnecessary hair growing from above and below your eyebrows. Then also make sure that you don’t forget to clean up the area between the two eyebrows, again by using a tweezer. Once you are down with plucking, cut off just a bit of your eyebrows if you think that they have grown too long. Make sure to not cut them off completely. You can also pluck hair on your chin and upper lips using a tweezer.

Prepare your own homemade wax

Threading off your facial hair at home can be extremely risky as you might end up cutting your skin due to lack of practice and guidance. The best way to deal with your facial hair at home is to use your very own homemade wax made from sugar, lemon and honey. Mix these three items in a bowl and put it over a stove until you get a thick, sticky mixture. Once your mixture is ready, you can either cut out strips from your old denim pants, jacket or use an ice cream stick to pull hair with wax. Since this wax is made up of anything natural it won’t cause any allergies but you must make sure that your wax isn’t too hot to cause any skin burns.

Mix egg whites and cornstarch to prepare a magical hair removal cream

Take some corn starch and beat an egg white in it. Mix both of them properly so that a thick paste forms. Use this paste to apply on areas where you think your facial hairs are most bothering you. The mixture will stick on the area applied. Once it has dried out, pull it out in the opposite direction. Your hair will also automatically be pulled out with the mixture. It is one of the easiest and the oldest remedies to get rid of facial hair. People used this technique when there were no beauty salons around, just like these days.

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A gram flour mask can definitely work for you

Add three tablespoons of coconut oil to a bowl of gram flour. Mix it well so that you get a paste-like mixture. Apply it on the areas on your face where you feel have the most hair. Keep the mask on for 5 minutes before you wash it off with lukewarm water. Your facial hair will wash away with the mask.

Use YouTube and learn the art of threading

You have a lot of spare time in Quarantine so why not use it to learn a skill that will stay useful for you, forever and can also save you a few bucks every month. Watch eyebrow threading videos and learn the art of using thread to clear up your face from all your facial hair. This is quite an easy skill and a need in every woman’s life.

Look good even in quarantine!

Living in quarantine is tough but as long as your facial hairs are sorted, half of your worries go away. Use any of the above methods to get your clean, smooth and clear face back. Then you can apply makeup or leave it just like that without worrying about looking like a man.

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