How to Lighten Dark Corners of Lips

Here’s How You Can Lighten Dark Corners of Your Lips.

In the midst of heavy make-up, even if you still have great-looking lips, you’ll notice that your face is a little different from before. The corners of your lips are a little dark and it looks like a dirty smudge is stuck around there. Since this problem is not easily solved using lipsticks alone, here’s a simple way to lighten up the dark corners of your lips!

Let’s follow along and find out how you can lighten up the corners of your lips easily.

Ways to Treat Dark Lip Corners

Apply Balm

  1. Prepare a lip brush and balm (or vaseline).
  2. First, apply a little amount of balm around the edges of your lips.
  3. Then, put a small amount of balm in the middle of your lips and spread it out.
  4. With a lip brush, apply a light pink or nude colored lipstick over the edges of your lips.
  5. Finally, blend well with the edge of your fingers.

And that’s it!

Use Simple Everyday Makeup

Let’s try applying some simple make-up using only items you can find at home.

Look Younger by Applying the Right Lipstick

STEP 1: Firstly, apply foundation and powder on the corners of your lips that are dark. Then put on pink or nude coloured lipstick in the middle of your lips.

STEP 2: Evenly apply a transparent film of gloss over the top to give it some shine! That’s all!

The colour will blend well into your lips!

It didn’t look like there was anything dark on my lips. It looks neat and clean, right? Since the balm acts as a moisturizer, it also acts as an effective makeup base. The lipstick is also able to blend well into your skin, which helps you create a neat lip colour.

Now that you are done with the first step, apply some pink or nude lipstick on the centre of your lips. Lastly, touch up your lip line with balm and blend it well with your fingers.

You’re all done! Now you’ll notice that there’s nothing dark on your lips.

Your face looks great too! You can create natural makeup by using moisturizer, lipstick, and applying a transparent film of something over the top!

How to Make Lips Pink and Healthy

If you are not satisfied with the pink or nude-coloured lipstick, try different colours on your lips. Now that it’s summertime, why don’t you put on some gloss?

Putting on lip gloss is very simple. You only need to lightly touch up using lip gloss.

Why Do Lips Corners Turn Dark?

The corners of your lips may turn dark when you are applying moisturizer! It’s because the moisturizer in your palms is transferred onto your lip area when you touch up around the corner of your lips using balm or fingers.

That being said, avoid touching up with your hands after applying foundation and powder on the corners of your lips!


Lighten up the corners of your lips and make them appear bright like a baby’s skin! Follow along and find out how you can use balm and lipstick to create natural-looking makeup that will not look overly done.

How to Take Care of Your Lips Naturally

Now that we’ve gone through all this, please keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with using foundation or powder to cover up the dark corners of your lips. It’s just that if you do have light pink or nude coloured lipstick, it will look more natural to use moisturizer and lip gloss to help them blend well into your skin!

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