How To Make Time For Self Care When Your Life is Busy and Hectic

Find out ways to escape a busy life and spend some time on self care.

Is it that time of the year again when you have no time for yourself? Are you struggling to find time to relax, chill or just take care of your body? Is there no balance between your work and personal life? If the answer to all these questions is a yes, this article is for you. Continue reading as we are here to help you.

Do you believe in self-care?

With the kind of fast-paced lives we spend these days, it is impossible to step back for some time and look after yourself. From work to home, all elements of your existence require your attention that you are unable to find some one time. As much as it’s crucial to work to earn a good living, it is also important to look after your health, comfort and beauty. Self-care is not being selfish but it is a way to thank yourself for all the daily life stresses you go through.

5 Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety Right Now

Constant work and looking-after family brings stress and anxiety to your life. Stress welcomes depression, stomachaches, heart issues and nervous health problems. When you stop prioritizing yourself, these things happen which leads to further issues. For example, if you are stressed and in depression, your performance at work will suffer and it will depress you more. It is a vicious cycle and the only solution is self-care. Taking out time for yourself, even twice a week can change the way you live and feel about yourself.

Self-care doesn’t ask much. It is in the simplest things. Here are a few ways in which you can take out time to look after yourself. These ways are super-easy to achieve. All you need is some planning and discipline.

6 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

  1. A satisfying sleep sorts out everything

Do you take the recommended 8 hours of sleep? It is very hard to find enough time to sleep peacefully with a busy routine. Moreover, increased screen time is your sleep’s biggest enemy. Studies show that people who spend more time on laptops and mobiles, tend to sleep less. The journey of self care starts with proper sleep. Divide your sleep hours throughout the day. Wake up early, work and then take a small nap. This will energize you for your next tasks of the day. If you aren’t a nap person, set fixed work timings then. Allow yourself to work for a certain period of time only. Fix timing for your cell phone usage as well. Nothing is as important as your sleeping hours.

  1. Exercise whenever you feel like

Sitting at a work table for 10 to 12 hours a day can give you severe anxiety and depression. Not just that but constantly sitting for hours with no movement often leads to obesity and various health issues. If you aren’t doing anything for that, start doing it from now on. If you can’t escape your office or house during working hours, escape the room and stretch. Yes, stretches, some jumps, a few squares and some arm exercises every day can do wonders. Start with taking out 10 minutes for exercise and stretch the time gradually to 30 minutes. Within a week, you feel good about yourself and your body. Exercise gives life to a clear mind and a healthy body.

  1. Spend time on things you love

Work is life but life isn’t work. If you think it is, change your perspective. There are so many other things to love and live for. Your busy work is not the only one. Find out your interests and work towards them. Ask yourself. Do you love shopping? Do you like watching movies? Do you love a certain sport? Do you love visiting museums? Find what you love and plan your week accordingly. Spend a day or two on the things that interest you so you enjoy the rest of the day working.

  1. Follow a skin care routine

Self-care also involves looking after your skin. Your skin is the first thing you look at before you start your day. If it’s dull, dark and rough, you will never feel good about yourself. This will as a result affect your work life. To avoid that from happening, every night before bedtime follows a skincare routine. Start with basic cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. End the routine with a mask. Give your skin a good massage and enjoy the process. This is not only great for a good night’s sleep but also makes sure you have a great start the next day.

  1. Treat your emotions with care

Self-care is also about how well you treat your emotions. If you feel like crying, do it. Take a break from work and take time to shed tears. Let your emotions and negative energy flow out through your tears. If you feel like talking to someone special, don’t hesitate. A call to a loved one every day adds value to your performance. If you feel like doing emotional- eating, do that but don’t make it a regular thing. At times it is always right to listen to our emotions and let them out instead of trapping them inside our body and mind.

  1. Don’t overwork

We know how more work gets you more money. But do you know how more work also gets you more mental stress? If you dream to earn more money and live a lavish lifestyle, don’t overwork. Work smartly! That’s the key. Find work that you like and use your energies wisely. Overwork ruins your body and brain and you are left with nothing to work with. Work less but with discipline and honesty so you make a mark for yourself.

Final Say

If you want a bright future and a long life, follow the above rules. Self care is a necessity. It is a need and not a want. Give yourself the life you need and require and witness the change it brings to your performance. Those who love themselves are also loved by others. Follow and preach. Take care!

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