Makeup Routine for Busy Moms

Hey guys, I am a wife, a mother of four and a working woman. Which means that every morning I get the kids ready for school, make sure my husband has all that he needs (very very important), have my morning coffee (or else I won’t function) and get ready to be in my office. Too much to do and too little time. But, have to make sure that I look presentable.

Today, I would like to share with all of you, like me, who are pressed on time my quick 5 minutes makeup routine. Trust me once you get the hang of it you won’t even think getting ready is a burden in the morning. It will become like your second skin.

So let’s get started. Winters are around the corner and the skin tends to get dry. when choosing a foundation for winters I look for formulas which are hydrating and lightweight so that my skin doesn’t feel like it has a ton of makeup on and I look fresh and glowy. A little tip for girls with oily skin, look for oil free formulas. I just take a pump of the foundation and splat it on my face with my hands, making sure that everything is covered and no patches left. Don’t forget to apply foundation on your neck.

If like me, you are a mom, or have a late night social life (which is quite common in our part of the world) and have office in the morning too… tsk tsk… you don’t get much sleep. Hence, the horror of dark circles. I cannot survive without a concealer. Under eye area is the most delicate area of our face. We need to take extra care of it. While choosing a concealer I always look for medium coverage (as I have really bad dark circles) which will hide and hydrate (hydration is the key for winters). To apply my concealer, I make an upside down triangle under my eyes and blend it away. It helps in brightening up the area and makes me look well rested.

Time to seal the deal. I want my foundation and the concealer base to last at least till 5 pm. So, with a big fluffy brush, I quickly brush my entire face with a loose powder. I normally look for formulas which are talc free, as talc dries up your skin and that is the last thing I want in winters.

You need to look fresh, so it’s time to apply a nice rosy blush to the apple of your cheeks. In winter I like using cream blush formulas. They give that glowing feel to the skin. Just dab a bit on your cheeks and blend it away. I generally use my fingers but a sponge would do the job too.

For my daily routine, I don’t like going too heavy with my eyes. A volumizing mascara is enough for me. Two coats of mascara and I am good. It opens up my eyes.

If you are a Kajol sort of a girl (which I like applying sometimes), then apply your favourite kohl pencil in your waterline and set it with some black eyeshadow (it won’t bleed).

For the final touch, apply a hydrating gloss or lipstick, a spritz of your favourite perfume and you are good to go.

This is my daily winter makeup routine. I hope you guys found it helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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