Common Mistakes to Avoid After Getting a Facial

Who doesn’t want to flaunt flawless and radiant skin? Whether it’s through natural remedies or fancy skincare we all want to nourish our skin.

Just like that, getting a facial is a pretty common thing for people nowadays, especially before a big occasion. However have you ever wondered why your skin is suddenly breaking out right after a facial and thought it might not be working for you?

This is because of a few small mistakes that we make after our facial which prevents us from getting our desired results from the facial. Read on to know what mistakes you should avoid after getting a facial.

Wearing Makeup

Several people get their makeup done right after their facial. This is the biggest mistake people make because the pores are open and any products you apply immediately sit and get absorbed into the skin.

This is why a lot of people suffer from breakouts after their facial which defeats the initial purpose of a facial. Therefore, avoid using any makeup products on the skin for at least a day or two.

Important Things You Should Never Do Before a Facial

Keep in mind to let the skin breathe after the facial if you want to avoid skin damage. If you have an upcoming event to attend, just get a facial done 3 to 4 days prior to it.

Common Facial Mistake: Touching Your Face After Treatment

We all have the habit of constantly touching our skin or picking at it. It’s common to feel how smooth your face is after facial but the dirt and bacteria from our hands can build up in the open pores of our skin and cause damage.

Therefore avoid touching the skin of your face after getting a facial done if you don’t want to contaminate your skin. The skin may feel amazing but you’re just removing the facial products and keeping them from working their magic.

Plus, never pop the pimple or whitehead that your facialist left. Although it is tempting, there’s always a reason they didn’t pop it themselves.

Rinsing Your Face

Keep in mind that you can’t wash or rinse your face after getting a facial done for at least three to four hours. This is because the products applied to your face at the time of the facial are left to do their work on the skin.

Moreover, harsh cleansers and water can spoil and damage the skin barrier since its sensitive after the facial. Even if you want to rinse your face with just water, do its a few hours later. Make sure to pat the skin dry instead of rubbing or wiping it with a towel.

Chemical Serums or Peels

After the facial, you should be focused on giving your skin time to rest. Avoiding harsh skincare for a week after the facial can ensure that your skin doesn’t get irritated. Only nourish it by using light water-based products instead of harsh chemical serums and peels.

Things You Didn’t Know About Facial Redness

It’s always better to be on the safe side because even those same products that used to work for your skin can have adverse effects after a facial. Remember that your skin is sensitive after the facial and any product can lead to allergic reactions or inflammation during this timeframe.

Sunlight Exposure

We’re all well aware of the damage UV rays can cause to our skin. Now imagine going into the sun with extremely sensitive skin after a facial, it will be a nightmare for your skin.

Avoid making the mistake of going out into the sun after getting a facial because overexposure to the sun’s rays can end up harming the skin barrier. Make sure you don’t have any plans for the day after your facial session because you need to avoid the sunlight at all costs.

You may think that they are safe after applying a good layer of sunscreen, but your skin can still get a rash and become red. Therefore, plan out your schedule and avoid going out during the daytime for a few days after the facial.

Waxing or Threading

Facials can open the skin’s pores which makes the skin vulnerable to any damage. Therefore, you need to be extra careful after your facial.

Waxing and threading is an aggressive process for the skin which can leave the skin itchy or red. Since the skin barrier is sensitive after a facial it increases the chances of causing pimples, spots, and rashes.

If you’re someone who gets their face waxed or threaded often, make a mental note to get it waxed or threaded 2 to 3 days prior to your facial session.

Steam or Heat

Avoid activities that may cause your face to sweat a lot, i.e. gym or visiting the steam room at the spa. Your face has already been exposed to enough steam during your facial session and if you add on to that you can increase the chances of irritation or a damaged skin barrier.

Facial Steps at Home for Glowing Skin

Increased heat and sweat can lead to inflammation and redness on your fresh skin.

Don’t Exfoliate or Scrub

Your facialist has already exfoliated your skin during your facial which is why you should avoid any type of exfoliator or scrub for a few days. Over-exfoliating can lead to inflammation or dry patches on the skin.

Sleeping on Your Face

Who doesn’t love to take a nap after a relaxing spa day? However, if you sleep on your face immediately after the facial, the bacteria and germs on your pillow covers can build up in your pores. This increases the chances of pimples.

Make sure you sleep on your back with your face turning upwards whenever you decide to take a much-needed nap. Plus, you can also change the pillow covers regularly to avoid this mistake.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the most common mistakes that we can seem to make after getting our facial done, but each one can have a pretty bad effect on our skin. Therefore, make a small mental note to avoid all of the above mistakes the next time you get your facial done.

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