Facial Steps at Home for Glowing Skin

Follow these eight facial steps at home to Flaunt a flawless skin this summer

Is your skin summer ready? Winters are usually very harsh on our skin, thanks to our lack of water intake and low level of moisture in the air. Also, Pakistan suffered the worst smog this winter and all that grime and dust particles in the air must have taken a toll on your skin.

Taking all these points into consideration, it’s safe to say that your skin isn’t summer ready yet and so you need to go through some facial steps to have your great skin back.

Easy facial steps at home that can save your pocket

A good facial is not only great for your skin’s texture, cleanliness and pores but also creates a great difference for your mind and soul. But who has the time and money to spend in spas for a facial or hydra facial? Going to a spa every other week is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea so we have listed down some amazing facial cleaning steps, dermacos facial steps and general facial steps that you can try without leaving your home. Follow these steps for a facial at home and pat yourself on the back when you are done. This is far better than paying off more than 1000 bucks for a facial at a beauty salon.

8 facial steps including dermacos facial steps

  1. Remove Any Makeup

The first facial step is to remove all the makeup you might have applied during the day. Use a good face wipe to do the job. This facial step is the most important one as it will help clear the surface you want to work on. Don’t forget to gently wipe off makeup from your eyes too.

  1. Face Cleansing Steps

Start off your facial cleansing steps by washing your face with a tried and tested cleanser and a bit of lukewarm water. People, while following the face cleansing steps, choose hot water over lukewarm. That is wrong. Hot water ends up drying the skin and that’s what we need to get rid of. As part of Dermacos facial steps, you can use Dermacos Facial wash and massage it on your face and neck before washing off with lukewarm water.

How to Make Your Own Face Masks

-After you have washed your face, use a cleanser to massage your face in a motion that is circular. Massage with Dermacos Hexagonal Cleanser for a good 2 to 3 minutes to get rid of all the unwanted particles.

-Once you are done, wash your face again to remove the extra cleanser that your face might be carrying.

-Dab your face with a towel and enjoy the freshness that you must feel after these face cleansing steps.

  1. Steam

Now, this facial step isn’t necessary but if you need to have an excellent result, then go for it. The most relaxing step, steaming is very easy to do at home. Doesn’t matter, if you don’t have a steamer, go for some boiled water in a pan and use its steam to get similar results. Apply Dermacos Grey Lotion on your face before you start steaming. This dermacos facial step will help clean white and blackheads from your skin. Keep your face away from the bowl to avoid any burns. Keep the steaming session as long as 5 minutes and feel your skin getting cleaner and cleaner.

  1. Regular Exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Use a good exfoliating brush and massage it on your skin in a circular motion. Do this for a good 5 minutes and enjoy the glow appearing on your face.

  1. Toner

Use Dermacos Smoothing Toner to remove the remaining that might be present after exfoliation. You can also put the toner on a cotton pad to do the job. Keep the toner on your face and neck for at least 5 minutes before you wipe it off.

  1. Sheet or Clay Mask

Choose a mask of your choice in this facial step. A mask works as a great hydrant and also purifies your skin within minutes. A mask is also quite relaxing when used. Apply the mask on your face for 20 to 40 minutes before you peel it off. Don’t wash your face afterwards.

  1. Moisturize your face

Moisturise your face with a good Oil-Free moisturizer as the last facial step at home. Choose the one that does the job for you and you have tried it before too. After moisturising your skin, you will feel how amazing your skin will look and feel.

  1. Finish off your facial steps with a sunblock

As part of Dermacos facial steps, you must use Dermacos sunblock to finish off your facial steps at home. Make sure to avoid heat and sun after this.

How to Prepare for a Facial?

A perfect facial is just 8 facial steps away!

See, just eight facial steps to follow at home and you can achieve a salon-like facial. The key tips are to use the right products and follow the correct techniques while massaging or cleansing your skin.

Are you ready to glow this summer? Follow these steps and look as fresh as a flower, every single day.

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