Best Ways to Prevent Hair & Scalp from Sun Damage

Almost all of us apply sunscreen before stepping out into the scorching sun. Do we, however, keep our hair and scalp safe from the sun’s rays?

That’s correct, just as the sun may damage our skin, its rays can also harm our hair and scalp. If we don’t take precautions, we may end up with broken, split ends that require trimming sooner than we’d want.

We have listed down these stylist-recommended ways to avoid hair sun damage this season if you want to keep your strands bright and healthy while enjoying the sun.

Shield Your Hair With A Protective Layer

Try to wear a hat or a scarf before you head out in the blistering heat to avoid damaging your hair. Yes, we all love to flaunt our hair when heading out but protecting our hair is also equally important.

If you go out in the open without covering your hair with a layer, there are higher chances of damaging your hair and scalp. So at GharPar, we’d advise you to be careful and bear in mind that you do wear something on your strands.

Avoid Heading Out In The Peak Hours

If going out is not the highest of your priorities, then make sure you avoid the peak hours when the sun is scorching hot, so you can avoid the damage as much as possible. Try going out around 3-4 pm when the sun isn’t blazing on your heads.

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Or even better, head out in the early morning, because as they say, the earlier the better.

Use A Hair Mask

Even if you don’t go outside every day, a few moments in the hot summer heat can dry out your hair. Use a weekly mask like Beauty Protector Protect & Treat Hair Mask to keep your hair moisturized.

Apply Beauty Protector Protect & Oil to damp strands or dry ends ahead of sun exposure if you’re on the go. Because the summer heat opens up the cuticle and makes it more porous, your hair will absorb and repair the moisturizing treatment more quickly.

With a hair mask, you can reverse the damage that has been done to your hair.

Make SPF Your Best Friend

As girls, we always keep travel-size sunscreen in our bags, so why not invest in some SPF too?

Consider adding an SPF product specialized for your head to your routine if you already use sunscreen for your skin. There are several options for safeguarding your hair, whether you use a spray or powder-based protection.

Avoid Over-Shampooing Your Hair

You don’t want to over-wash your hair in the summer because the oil, hair produces naturally protects it from the sun.

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To clean your hair without stripping the scalp and hair cuticles of moisture, use a dry shampoo like Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk or work a low-lather cleansing conditioner like R+Co’s ANALOG Cleansing Foam Conditioner into your regimen a couple of times a week.

Nourish Your Scalp

Your hair shields your scalp from the sun to some extent, but not fully. Because your hair scalp isn’t used to a lot of direct sunlight, it can be extremely sensitive and fragile. Sunburn and dryness can occur as a result of too much sun on your scalp, which can impact the roots of your hair.

To keep your scalp in good shape, apply SPF to your portion and moisturize regularly (more on that later).

Try Not To OverStyle Your Hair With Heat

The sun is already unpleasant enough. Adding heat styling to the mix will only exacerbate the problem. While you don’t have to put your curling irons and blow dryers away for good, using them less frequently throughout the summer will help keep your hair healthy.

A styling lotion like Hair Balm can help you achieve a frizz-free, air-dried style to give your strands a respite.

Of course, every now and then you’ll want your hair blown out, straightened, or curled. When you do use your hot equipment, make sure to use a heat protector, such as Dressed Up, to protect yourself from the heat and UV rays.

Stay Away From Chemicals

The sun and the pool are commonly associated in the summer, but substances like chlorine can damage your hair, leaving it more susceptible to sun damage.

The ingredients used in bleaching procedures do the same thing, making your hair fragile and exposed to the sun’s rays.

That doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a sun-kissed look this summer, but it’s recommended to avoid bleach-based colour treatments for maximum protection.

Use Conditioner More Often

Make sure to use a lot of conditioner throughout the hot months! You won’t be able to fully save your hair from UV damage while still participating in the outdoor activities which we all enjoy. Therefore, conditioning your hair regularly will help to renew the moisture it needs to stay healthy.

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Go for a conditioner that best suits your hair type. Smoothing on some conditioner before diving into the sea or the pool is wonderful advice, and we would argue one of the finest ways to protect hair from sun activity.

Another natural technique to protect hair from the sun is to apply a tiny amount of coconut oil to your hair before entering the pool.

Try This Natural Potion

A homemade hair mask is a fantastic option that is one of the most widely used natural ways of protecting hair from the sun and repairing the damage. All you have to do is take 1 egg white, add 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt, and 3 tablespoons mayonnaise to it.

Allow 30 minutes for the mixture to soak into your hair before properly rinsing. Eggs are a high-protein food that may help to nourish your hair.


The sun is a concern for hair that has been and will continue to be. You can maintain a healthy head of hair without sacrificing fun in the sun by knowing how to protect your hair from sun damage, such as washing with a soap-free cleanser, retaining your hair’s natural hydration, and being gentle to your scalp and strands.

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