Superfood For Hair: The Biggest Benefits Of Adding Amla To Your Routine

Also known as Indian gooseberry, Amla is an underrated ingredient. It is an ingredient that is used in shampoos, treatments, and conditioners but it’s not widely talked about. Nor appreciated. This is a shame because amla should be given the credit that is long overdue.

Amla is more often used in South Asia, particularly in Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine has long acknowledged the benefits of amla, hence it is a very common ingredient. It is also the reason the women of South Asia have such naturally glossy, thick, and strong hair. They use amla extract in their hair products to achieve such healthy, gorgeous hair!

But if you are still not convinced, here is our breakdown of how amla will benefit your hair if you add it to your hair care routine.

You can use amla in making hair remedies. Or look for hair products that contain amla extract in the ingredients list, if it’s difficult to find amla in the market. But adding it to your hair care will be most beneficial to you in the long run!

Strengthens Your Hair

Amla’s juice contains nutrients that act as a tonic for both your skin and hair. This tonic provides strength to the hair follicles and hair roots. Hence, your hair becomes stronger from top to bottom, making it more lustrous and radiant in colour. As amla contains iron, weak hair is rejuvenated by the iron, so it is less prone to breakage.

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Slows Down Premature Greying of Hair

While hair does become grey at some point, premature greying is not something that is preferable for anyone, let alone you. Applying amla will help prevent premature grey hair as it helps cool down the body, as high body heat can cause hair to turn grey early. Incidentally, it helps retain the pigment of your hair colour, making it look more vibrant and radiant.

Amla Provides Natural Shine to Dull Hair

The duller, less lustrous, and lifeless your hair looks, the more you need amla in your hair care. Thanks to Vitamin C and iron, amla brings lustre and shine to the hair.

Particularly if the hair is both weak and thin. That can hinder your hair’s sheen. Even if you have oily hair and scalp, amla will still make your hair shiny as well as neutralize the excess sebum gathered in your scalp.

Amla Takes Care of Dandruff

The great thing about amla is how it can work on both oily and dry scalps. The latter is especially important as such scalps are where dandruff resides. What amla simply does is provide hydration to the scalp, which then prevents the formation of dandruff. You will no longer feel itching or see dandruff in your hair as a result!

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Thoroughly Cleanses the Scalp

If your scalp gets greasy, dry, or just downright dirty, then amla is an excellent cleanser. Thanks to its rich nutrients, it thoroughly removes the dirt that is clogged in your scalp pores and hair. Hence, your hair feels fresh, light, and very clean to touch!

Makes Hair Ticker

Thin hair will be a thing of the past! Amla helps make hair look thicker all the way from the root to the ends. Amla’s nutrients replenish the hair from within making it look thicker and healthier. This is because when amla boosts the hair’s strength, it also makes the strands thicker in the process.

It Protects your Hair from External Damage

Amla not only cleanses off dirt, dandruff, and excess oils, but it ensures that your hair is protected from the environment as well. Whether it is the heat from hair styling, pollution, or dust, amla keeps all this away when you are going out so your hair is less prone to damage and is well-protected.

Keeps Away Frizzy Hair

As amla extract is rich and contains vital nutrients, it will smoothen out and frizz or kink from your hair. Making it look straighter and smoother to touch and feel. This is because amla extract acts as a conditioner. And a conditioner’s primary goal is to replenish and improve the hair strands.

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Your Scalp Problems will be thoroughly Treated

Aside from how hair is newly improved if you cleanse the scalp, your scalp may also have other problems that need attention. Like clogged pores, scarring, dryness, or even a weak skin barrier. Amla then strengthens and nourishes the scalp, making it healthier and cleaner. It will also benefit your hair as well.

It Boosts Hair Growth

Hair growth can be a problem if the hair being grown is slow and doesn’t grow out stronger. Amla boosts cell regeneration and regrowth, which not only speeds up hair growth but even makes new hair come out stronger and healthier than before. It also makes your scalp nourished and enriched, which is essential for hair growth. Similarly, your hair loss will be considerably reduced from the renewed hair growth, thanks to amla.

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