Signs Of Aging Hair And How To Treat It

As your life goes by, you grow older. This means that you change every day as you age. You become slower, your bones start to ache and your skin loses its elasticity and glow. While you can’t do much for the first two, you do a lot to fight off the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. But the only thing that can be as worrisome as ageing skin is ageing hair.

It’s not just a receding hairline or copious amounts of hair strands that show your hair is ageing. There are countless other things going on with your scalp as you age. And while your hair will not be like how you had it in your youth, there are still ways to work around it. Enough that it can still be a part of your beauty. This article will help you deal with ageing hair and how to recognize the signs early on.

The signs of aging

Some people have aging hair early on in their middle age. While others still maintain the luscious, thick looks of their youth. But these signs are detectable. So give this list a read and see how many of them apply to you

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  1. Your hair becomes grey all over

While a very obvious sign, it’s still a sign of aging hair. Unlike, say, some dozen random grey strands that you would pull out in your youth, your hair colour changes from around your temples or hairline. Some parts are still black/brown/red/blonde, but the top of your head starts changing its colour. Until it becomes grey completely.

  1. It starts thinning

While your hair has always been falling, the number of strands on your hand and brush starts to increase. And if you start getting menopause, your hair thins out much faster. This is because as you grow older, the hair follicles start getting smaller and smaller, so they produce hair so tiny that you can’t see.

  1. Dryness becomes a new normal

Your hair, which used to feel smooth and soft, now becomes very dry and rough to touch. This is because the oil glands on your scalp start to shrink over time. Hence the oil does not smoothen out your hair. Making it unusually dry.

  1. Your hair becomes brittle

As you age, your hair becomes weaker and more brittle, hence it breaks more easily. It starts to get easily damaged, as a result.

  1. Loss of volume

Your hair starts becoming flat and loses its fullness. Either it would sit lifelessly on your scalp. Or it starts to become more shapeless. This is because your hair starts losing its volume. And with the other signs above, it can make your hair look limp.

How Often to Wash Your Hair, According to Science

  1. It begins to lose its shine

Your hair, which used to shine and gleam in the light, starts to become dull and lifeless-looking. This is due to the loss of moisture and nutrients that deplete as we age. Your hair rarely shines even if you wash it.

Tips to Maintain Your Look

All these signs can be pretty depressing to see. The sight of aging hair can be a bit hard to handle sometimes. But here’s something, your hair is still beautiful! Even in its aged form. Plus, you can still keep it healthy and shiny! It is just a matter of looking after it in a way that compliments you like it did in your youth.

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So use these tips to keep your new look healthy and happy:

  • Use a brush that is either smoothing or a paddle. Its anti-static bristles will help straighten and/or style your hair by eliminating frizz and smoothing out the cuticles.
  • If you wish to use a hair dye for covering up your newly grey hair, then use dyes that have natural ingredients in them. These ingredients will not damage your scalp or your strands. It will hide away grey hair without destroying your hair.
  • While styling your hair, it’s best to use medium heat so your hair doesn’t get damaged. Aging hair is particularly sensitive to heat. While styling your hair for special occasions, it’s fine to use high heat. But only for special occasions.
  • Hair masks will be vital for aging hair. The mask will provide plenty of nutrients and moisture for you, that will make your hair strong and shiny.
  • Hair treatments will be your best friend. Particularly if your hair has aged a lot, these treatments will bring new life to your scalp and follicles. But it’s better to consult a hair specialist that can advise you about the right treatments.
  • The food you consume is essential for keeping your aging hair healthy and happy. Hence, a diet full of proteins and antioxidants will provide strength and balance to your hair.
  • A haircut is essential. Your old hairstyle will not compliment aging hair. So go to a hairstylist that can provide you with a cut that masks aging hair. Regular trims and cuts will also keep your hair neat and tidy.
  • Brushing quickly or aggressively will only damage it. It’s better to be gentle with your hair while you brush it. It’s best if you brush your hair when it’s dry. Hair that is wet or damp will be damaged if you brush it down.
  • Embrace your hair! It will not be the same as it was, but it is a part of your body that is constantly evolving. And is beautiful in its own way. A great way of doing so is to embrace the grey colour and go for a haircut that compliments both the hair and you!

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