Skincare Routine When Wearing a Face Mask

7 ways you can save your skin’s health from wearing a mask every day

Just a year back Covid-19 came into our world and changed the way we used to live our lives. It became the most talked about thing around the world and unfortunately, it still is the talk of every town. Masks and sanitisers have become the two essentials since then, and we aren’t getting rid of them anytime soon.

When it was first announced that wearing masks has become mandatory to curb the effects of coronavirus, many people took this as an opportunity to buy and flaunt the most amazing masks that came out. Some people were happy with their plain surgical masks while some wore printed and beaded masks to make a statement.

This behaviour is still tending but irrespective of whichever mask you choose to wear, we can’t deny that a mask is very damaging to our skin. Times have changed and with that, your skin’s needs have too. The damages that a mask can cause are very long-lasting.

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So, it’s about time, we devise a new skincare routine to look after this skin of ours that has been covered by masks for so long.

But first, let’s understand how masks contribute to damaged skin.

The impact of a mask on our skin

Wearing a mask these days is as important as breathing. It cannot be avoided but for our skin’s good health, we must understand how and why a mask can lead to so much harm.

Face masks form a closed environment around our skin that gives rise to moisture. This moisture isn’t harmful if you are wearing a mask for a short period. However, this very moisture becomes an enemy if the mask is worn for a long time. The excess moisture can lead to breakouts and acne. Also, the moisture around the skin can also cause prolonged irritation around the lips, chin area and cheeks.

Doctors say that people with a history of eczema, dermatitis or acne are more prone to skin damage, by wearing masks for a long time than people that have no such medical history. Even the elastic bands attached to the mask can lead to non-stop irritation and itching behind the ears.

Although wearing a mask is saving us from a big devil aka Covid-19, we can’t just stop caring about the harm it is causing. To prove that you love yourself, below are some amazing tips that you can follow to give your skin the love it needs.

Care for Skin When Wearing a Mask

If you want to live with healthier skin while wearing a mask, follow these wonderful skincare tips below and thank us later. We are sure these tips will help bring a great change to your skincare routine.

  1. Cleanse your face regularly

Mark our words here. A little care for your skin will help your skin reach its perfect form really quickly. Cleansing your face regularly, after you are back from home, is a great skincare routine. Gently cleansing helps remove unwanted sweat and debris from your skin giving it a smooth and soft texture. According to experts, in addition to gentle cleansing, applying benzoyl peroxide to affected areas can help treat acne and breakouts. Rubbing ice cubes gently can also reduce swelling and Redness caused by wearing a mask on a long day.

  1. Wear a clean mask

This mask is like a face covering that has become a crucial accessory. Your mask is not like that t-shirt that you can wear three days in a row. It holds lots of debris, sweat and moisture that you don’t want your skin to absorb. Frequent cleaning is required when it comes to masks. Make sure you give your mask a great wash so that all debris, oil and sweat get washed away. A fragrance-free detergent mixed with warm water is a great combination to clean up your masks. Also, stock up on soft masks made from delicate fabric. Soft masks cause less friction and prevent the formation of acne.

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  1. Don’t use foundation

The foundation under your mask can lead to clogged pores and acne. By applying foundation, you cover your face with a thick layer of the base. If you cover that base again, with a mask this time, your skin ends up losing its exposure. Use a lightweight foundation, if you can’t avoid it at all. Also, try applying foundation to the areas that are more exposed to air and sunlight.

  1. Apply Moisturizer whenever you feel like

Moisturising your skin is a great gift you can give yourself. Your skin, covered under a mask, doesn’t get to enjoy the sun, heat, light and air. With such limited exposure, it tends to dry up really quickly. Moisturise your face before wearing a mask in the morning, during the day, and after you are back home. Use a moisturizer that is light and promises to soften your skin really quickly.

  1. Wear a mask that fits you

Material and fit are both very important when it comes to a mask. Wear a mask that fits you well. It shouldn’t slip from your ears but also must not be too tight to cause pain. Wear masks that have adjustable ear bands. These are more comfortable and cause no irritation.

Wearing a mask made from a good fabric is also quite essential. A mask should have a soft feel. N95 masks can cause great damage to your skin’s tissues because of their tight fit. If possible, avoid using N95, provided you aren’t a healthcare worker.

  1. Don’t forget to apply a lip balm

Lip balm is a life saviour. It’s not just your face that needs all the care. Your lips require the same kind of love too. Apply a lip balm before wearing your mask to ensure that your lips are properly moisturised. Also, if possible, avoid using lipstick.

  1. Wash your face regularly

We can’t stress enough the fact that washing your face regularly is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Wash your skin with some mild hot water and make sure to use a great face wash. Take breaks from work and wash your face to give you all that moisture your face requires.

Start now!

Your skin is like a treasure that you own. A great skincare routine is a reflection of your habits and the way you spend your life. Covid-19 is here for a long, but that doesn’t mean you should get disheartened and forget about taking care of yourself. Start today and see how great changes the above tips will make to your skin.

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